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Pedestrian zone retractable bollards; security; emergency access, etc


Hi all,

In light of the vehicle based security issues over the past few years, I'm looking to see if there are any resources or forums with people discussing securing pedestrian zones, eg with retractable bollards, etc. Our pedestrian zone has to have vehicular access at certain times of day, and emergency services is wary of having retractable bollards that may malfunction when they need them to work. Additionally, snow/plowing/salting is an issue in my city, and maintenance is therefore a concern.

I'm interested in people's thoughts on securing zones, and case studies of places with snowy winters that have some sort of movable barrier. I've found Leipzig has retractable bollards, and NYC has barriers near Wall Street, but other examples would be useful as well. I'm also interested in people's experience dealing with skeptical emergency services when putting this kind of thing up.

But most of all, I'm wondering if anyone knows of any existing forums going on about these issues, either in the US or elsewhere? I can't believe we're the only city thinking about this, but I haven't found others yet.

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