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Phenomenology and architecture

undi gunawan

In Reply to: Phenomenology and Architecture posted by Ho Kiat Jeffrey on April 06, 1996 at 20:18:40:

Originally posted by (User Above)
cyber phenomenology : the way our "new" electronic environment change our perception about space. (?)[/quote
Interesting... how does this "new" environment change our perception of space? :)
we live in 'real' old space while we surfing 'virtual' new space and PLACE.
PLACE ? ? ? ? ? Virtual place ???

Place of Cyberspace?????

By its very nature there is no place of cyberspace.
In fact, there is no space in cyberspace. It is a very complex
binary language which requires a computer screen to even
translate in to a comprensible meduim. Sort of a 3d number grid in
a bunch of boxes strung across the world. The space of the computer
screen is its place, so the location of your screen has far more place
than what it shows. Any changes to our perception of
space have already occured through the globalization of communication through
the telephone and television. We have collapsed the vastness of the
globe through a box, but do we percieve the box or screen through
the full range of perception that we observe space through? I am almost
a 'cyber addict' so I an by no means turning on linked computer technology,
but we take it far many overtones of any actual space.
We can discuss phenomenolgy, but not in relation to computers.

There is no space in cyberspace.
There is no reality in virtual reality.

kevin S

About my own message, sorry for that nonsense sentence, my mind was running faster then my typing ability.

We should start a discussion of exactly what phenomology is, then go from there.I was told that it was like two sides of a river, and phenomonolgy is the bridge that linke them. To me, it is closer to the event which precipitates an experience, or the events which lead to the event which we percieve, along with the tools wee use to percieve it and the meaning we give to the preception.

To tell the truth, it seems like a poorly understood concept, often abused, and I do not quite grasp it either.