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Pig Slaughtering in an Urban Area?


Frist, I wanted to say I'm new here and I love it! I would occasionally look at alt.planning. urban on usenet and gag. I read the threads and only one words comes to in my head: "Prozac" :)

Now here's my question:

I just wanted a take on a case I am working on. It is a small ethnic market in an urban area. They already slaughter chickens on the premises and now want to slaughter up to 12 pigs a day. The pigs will weigh in at 150 to 200 lbs and be delivered daily either morning or evening or both (I don't know the exact times). I already inteviewed a professior at an agriculture university and he mentioned some of the undesirable issues would include noxious orders [from unloading the pigs and exhaust fans to the outdoors], pests,
[ flies and rodents may increase] and definately noise from the swine squealing when they are delivered.

Under state and federal law a meat inspector has to be there at the time of slaughter to inspect the animals for disease or sickenss and to look at the carcuss afterwards. Of course most of us know about tricinosis. And one wonders with all of teh slaughtering going on in California, would there be there ever single day? I am also unsure if the pigs are by custom order or slaugtered there daily and packaged ahead of time.

Now here is my delimma: The applicant already has a variance for slaughtering chickens on this site granted only a year ago. I can't beleive the Zoning Administor made findings to support teh variance because clearly approval of this was not in the spirit of variance laws in California. Well, don't get me started on how variances are approved like candy in my city. .. that's another thread!

So the applicant has his foot in the door happily slaughtering chickens. Now, after a year of operation [with no incidences- the place is clean] he wants to pigs and uses his previous approved variance as justification.

The project is in a commercially-zoned area, however right behind the project is a catholic school where the children would be playing right next to the area where the pigs are delivered--hence the variance. There is a fence there. Of course, the school has been notified but the parents of the children attending are probably clueless.

Any perpestives? Or does anyone who has had a simliar case? At this point it seems our Zoning Administrator will probably approve it, given his prior approval for the chicken slaughtering. I think if there is any noxious oders or increased population of flies etc, plus the sounds of the swine [let alone the psychological effects of the smells and knowledge of the operation] it seems to me to be a incompatible use.


I'm in agreement that this is not an appropriate use. Any claim that the prior variance for chickens is justification for the variance should not hold up. Slaughtering pigs is a significant escalation of what is essentially an industrial use. From what you descibed, I do not see an issue of undue hardship on the property owner, and the proposed use would be likely to cause a niusance if not even health concerns.


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Have a look here for some thoughts -- not necessarily related to this case, but to the idea of variances and waivers for such uses.


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Pig Slaughtering in an Urban

My first thought was that someone should call PETA. I'm not a fan of PETA but that sure would ensure that the entire neighborhood was fully informed. ( on second thought I decided that maybe that wouldn't be such a good idea) I would, however discuss the issue with the Zoning Admin....

Being an Iowa farm boy, I'm not squeamish about animal slaughter, but it should stay in manufacturing or agricultural districts.

12 pigs a day also brings up significant waste manangement issues. Are manure and the waste products of slaughter to be stored on site?