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Planet of the Apes


I have always liked this 1960's series of movies with Roddy MacDowell as the star. FX had one of them on last night.

But I cannot figure out the proper sequence of events.

can anyone help me?

Can somebody move this to the casual friday forum fo me?

Mod note: Consider it done - PD


get yer hands off me you damn dirty ape!

i'm an ape addict.

here's the chronology:

1) planet of the apes: heston gets stranded on the future earth, where man is dominated by ape.

2) beneath the planet of the apes: heston travels deep into the desert, discovers 'mutant' humans living underground and worshiping a nuclear bomb. he sets of the bomb, destroying the planets and the chances for a sequel.

3) Escape from the planet of the apes: no wait... two apes cornelious and his wife escaped only minutes before heston destroyed the planet and got winged back to 1960s where they have their first child and are treated like pop stars. CAMPY!

4) Conquest of the planet of the apes: The aforementioned child grows up and shows his super intelligence and teaches the apes to revolt and overthrow their human masters.

5) Battle for the planet of the apes: In the future shortly after humans destroy the planet, mutant humans and intelligent apes battle for dominance of the planet. In the end, apes and human choose to live together and essentially.....the first planet of the apes movie really didn't happen. The future was changed.