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Planned Unit Development


Hy every body,it is the first time I write here and help me
I want to get an optimum definition of Planned Unit Development (PUD) , and some web site has PUD project


According to the New Illustrated Book of Development Definitions " An area of minimum contiguous size, as specified by ordinance, to be planned, developed, operated, and maintained as a single entity and containing one or more residential clusters or planned unit residential developments and one or more public, quasi-public, commercial, or industrial areas in such ranges or ratios of nonresidential uses to residential uses as specfiied in the ordinance."

PUDs are a way to prevent seperation of uses that we see in most suburbs. They have become very popular in recent years and you can probably find examples in any city. Beware, however, sometimes a PUD is just a way to get around zoning standards, and not to mix uses and create neighborhoods with corner stores and the like. Where I used to work PUDs were reviewed by the planning commission, who would approve anything; while reguar zoning was approved by the planning department, who was much more professional and strict. Hence, developers would apply for a PUD just to avoid the planning department. One example is a Super K-Mart that was a PUD and had far too few parking spaces and was adjacent to a residential area, which the planning department would never have approved of.