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United States

American Planning Association (APA)

American Planning Association National:
Transportation Division:
Alabama Chapter:
Alaska Chapter:
Arizona Chapter:
Arkansas Chapter:
California Chapter:
California Chapter / Central Section:
California Chapter / Central Coast Section:
California Chapter / Inland Empire Section:
California Chapter / Los Angeles Section:
California Chapter / Northern Section:
California Chapter / Orange Section:
California Chapter / Sacramento Section:
California Chapter / San Diego Section:
Colorado Chapter:
Connecticut Chapter:
Delaware Chapter: Openings.html
Florida Chapter:
Georgia Chapter:
Hawaii Chapter:
Idaho Chapter:
Illinois Chapter:
Indiana Chapter:
Iowa Chapter:
Kansas Chapter: (no chapter Web site)
Kentucky Chapter:
Louisiana Chapter: (no chapter Web site)
Massachusetts Chapter:
Maryland Chapter:
Michigan Chapter:
Minnesota Chapter:
Mississippi Chapter:
Missouri Chapter: (not available)
National Capital Area:
Nebraska Chapter:
New Jersey Chapter:
New Mexico Chapter:
New York Metro Chapter:
New York Upstate Chapter:
New York Upstate Chapter / Capital District Section: (not available)
New York Upstate Chapter / Western New York Section:
Nevada Chapter: jobs.htm
Northern New England Chapter (Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont):
North Carolina Chapter: (long URL)
Ohio Chapter:
Oklahoma Chapter: Online.html
Oregon Chapter:
Pennsylvania Chapter:
Rhode Island Chapter:
South Carolina Chapter:
Tennessee Chapter:
Texas Chapter:
Texas Chapter / Houston Section:
Texas Chapter / North Central Section: (not available)
Utah Chapter:
Virginia Chapter:
Washington Chapter:
Western Central Chapter (Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wyoming): (not available)
Western Central Chapter / North Dakota Planning Association: (not available)
West Virginia Chapter:
Wisconsin Chapter:

Some jobs may be posted on APA division and chapter mailing lists. Mailing list archives are usually not available to the public. We encourage Cyburbia members to repost messages from mailing lists to the Cyburbia Forums Job Board.

Non-APA affiliated state planning organizations

Connecticut - Connecticut Association of Zoning Enforcement Officials: (not available)
Florida - Florida Planning and Zoning Association:
Maine Association of Planners:
Montana - Montana Association of Planners:
Nebraska - Nebraska Planning and Zoning Association: (long url)
New Hampshire Planners Association:
New Jersey - New Jersey Association of Planning and Zoning Officials: (members only)
New Jersey - New Jersey Planning Officials: (not available)
New York - New York Planning Federation:
North Carolina - North Carolina Association of Zoning Officials: (not available)
Pennsylvania - Pennsylvania Association of Zoning Officials: (not available)
Pennsylvania - Smart Growth Pennsylvania:
South Dakota - South Dakota Planners Association:
Vermont - Vermont Planners Association: (not available)
Virginia - Virginia Association of Zoning Officials:
Washington - Planning Association of Washington:
Wyoming - Wyoming Planning Association:

Other United States-based planning-related organizations

Association of Collegiate Schools of Planning (ACSP):
Association of Metropolitan Planning Organizations (AMPO):
Congress for the New Urbanism (CNU):
Planners Network: (summary; membership and mailing list subscription required to view)
Society for College and University Planning:
Urban Land Institute (ULI): (use keywords such as "planner" and "zoning" in a search)
Urban and Regional Information Systems Association (URISA):
Western Planner:

United States-based municipal leagues (may include non-planning jobs)

Alabama: Alabama League of Municipalities:
Arizona - League of Arizona Cities and Towns:
Alaska - Alaska Municipal League:
Arkansas - Arkansas Municipal League:
California - League of California Cities: (long URL)
Colorado - Colorado Municipal League:
Connecticut - Connecticut Conference of Municipalities:
Delaware - Delaware League of Local Governments: (not available)
Florida - Florida Association of Counties:
Florida - Florida League of Cities: (see bottom of page)
Georgia - Georgia Municipal Association: (not available)
Hawaii: (no municipal league)
Idaho - Association of Idaho Cities: (long URL)
Illinois - Illinois Municipal League:
Indiana - Indiana Association of Cities and Towns: (no jobs published on site)
Iowa - Iowa League of Cities:
Kansas - League of Kansas Municipalities:
Kentucky - Kentucky League of Cities:
Louisiana - Louisiana Municipal Association: (not available)
Maine - Maine Municipal Association:
Maryland - Maryland Municipal League:
Massachusetts - Massachusetts Municipal Association:
Michigan - Michigan Municipal League: Development
Minnesota - League of Minnesota Cities:
Mississippi - Mississippi Municipal League:
Missouri - Missouri Municipal League:
Montana - Montana League of Cities and Towns: Mexico
New Hampshire - New Hampshire Municipal Association:
New Mexico - New Mexico Municipal League:
New Jersey - New Jersey League of Municipalities:
New York - Association of Towns of the State of New York:
New York - New York Association of Counties:
New York - New York Conference of Mayors and Municipal Officials:
North Carolina - North Carolina League of Municipalities:
North Dakota - North Dakota League of Cities: (long URL)
Ohio - County Commissioners Association of Ohio:
Ohio - Ohio Municipal League:
Oklahoma - Oklahoma Municipal League:
Oregon - League of Oregon Cities:
Pennsylvania - County Commissioners Association of Pennsylvania:
Pennsylvania - Pennsylvania League of Cities and Municipalities: (long URL)
Rhode Island - Rhode Island League of Cities and Towns:
South Carolina - Municipal Association of South Carolina:
South Dakota - South Dakota Municipal League: (long URL)
Tennessee - Tennessee Municipal League:|10
Texas - Texas Municipal League:
Utah - Utah League of Cities and Towns:
Vermont - Vermont League of Cities and Towns:
Virginia - Virginia Municipal League:
Virginia - Virginia Association of Counties:
Washington - (no municipal league)
West Virginia - West Virginia Municipal League:
Wisconsin - League of Wisconsin Municipalities: (long URL)
Wyoming - Wyoming League of Municipalities: (long URL)

Other United States-based sites (select "All Planner" from first dropdown menu)
Archinect: (occasional planning jobs)
Community Economic Development Association of Michigan (mostly ED and CDC jobs):
Geography Jobs USA:
Georgia Local Government Access Marketplace: (long URL) (occasional planning jobs) (select "Planning and Development" from drop-down menu
Get Civil Engineering Jobs: http://www.getcivilengineeringjobs....ty=&state=&country=219&submitForm=Find+My+Job! ,
International City Management Association: (long URL) (occasional planning jobs)
Institute of Traffic Engineers (ITE): (transportation planning jobs)
New Hampshire Office of Energy and Planning:
New Urban News:
Planning Report:
University of Illinois Champaign-Urbana Department of Urban and Regional Planning:
University of Illinois Chicago CUPPA Alumni Career Center:
University of North Carolina Department of City and Regional Planning: (long URL)
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Canadian Institute of Planners (CIP)

Canadian Institute of Planners National:
Alberta - Alberta Association:
British Columbia - Planning Institute of British Columbia:
Manitoba - Manitoba Professional Planners Institute:
Maritime provinces - Atlantic Planners Institute:
Ontario - Ontario Professional Planners Institute: (long URL) (members only)
Québec - L'Ordre des urbanistes du Québec: (not available)
Saskatchewan - Association of Professional Community Planners of Saskatchewan:

Canada-based municipal leagues (may include non-planning jobs)

Ontario - Association of Municipalities of Ontario:
Québec - Association des urbanistes et aménagistes municipaux du Québec: (not available)
Québec - Union of Quebec Municipalities / Union des municipalités du Québec:

Other Canada-based sites

Canadian Planning Jobs (links to Canadian planning-related job sites):
Canadian Urban Institute:
Geography Jobs Canada:[]=
Municipal World:


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Europe / Asia / Africa / Oceania


Jobs in Planning:
Planning Institute of Australia:

Hong Kong

International Association for of China Planning:
Hong Kong Institute of Planners:

Ireland (select "Planning" from first dropdown menu)
Irish Planning Institute:

New Zealand

Jobs in Planning:
New Zealand Planning Institute: (long URL)


Singapore Institute of Planners:

South Africa

South African Association of Consulting Professional Planners: (not available)
South African Council for Planners: (not available)
South African Planning Institute: (not available)

United Kingdom

Planning Resource - Planning Jobs:
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