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Planning - What is it?

It is obvious that the profession is still not doing itself a favor. Many are still complaining about the fact that people are asking them what they do and feel resentful about having to explain it. I guess it can be one of the more boring parts of the work, but we have to remember that we may have results someday, only if we keep up the dreaded explanations. And who else would do the job?? Other professions have had to do it, and, believe it or not, many doctors, engineers, lawyers, etc. are also doing it. It's part of the job and our profession has, for too long, set itself aside with the snooty attitude of "they should know" whenever someone from the great unwashed approached them. This is the opportunity to spread the good word. This is a problem that plagues all of North America; however, I have the feeling that the Europeans have a different outlook on our activities.