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Policy vs. Design


Hi all --

I'm going to be entering a graduate program in urban planning this Fall -- and am currently trying to choose a school! My background is in food insecurity & social services and I've spent the last 5 years working for an emergency food pantry program. I'm looking to study human services: the structures that prevent low-income people from accessing basic services like food and housing, and how we can go about increasing access.

I'm struggling with the choice between Berkeley's MCP and UPenn's MCP (both of which sit within the Schools of Design) and Tufts' UEP (which incorporates policy in the name and sits within the general Graduate School of Arts and Sciences). I like the Berkeley and UPenn programs but I'm worried they have too much of a design focus for my set of interests. I'm looking for a program with a healthy balance between the two and with opportunities to study social services from a policy perspective as well.

Does anyone have thoughts about this policy/design balance and/or about these schools in general? Hoping ya'll can shed some light on this for me!

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It does not seem as though you are in a design frame of mind which those schools will focus. Widen your net a little more and see which school have more of a public policy / sociology slant.