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Political Scandal

Big Easy King

As the scope of politics evolves (or regresses depending on your views), it seems as if scandals evolve along with it. Politics is becoming synonymous with scandal, if it isn't already.

In your opinion, what is the greatest political scandal and why?

I know Watergate was huge, but my vote goes to Bill and Monica. I, as well as you, know sexual trists have occurred in the White House, but Bill and Monica take the cake (and smeared it all over each other).


Here is a list of a few local ones from my area:

1) MP - Son is a huge dilaudid dealer and has been jailed a few times, including a search of the MP's house and discovery of illegal drugs.

2) From another area, the MLA got into a fight with his son and ended up punching out the son and the wife. Was re-elected.

3) Richard Hatfield, former premier, found with illegal drugs at Customs, during Queen's visit.

4) Bedroom Bingo in current government, ministers, sleeping with other ministers and the such.

None of these have ended up with any consequences to the parties involved.


1) Shawinigate. Some loans smell real bad and fishy in teh PM riding.
2) Drunk Ralph Klein at the homeless shelter.
3) Mel Lastman, mayor of TO has said some pretty funny/inappropriate things and lead a very colourful life.

These, we'll have to wait and see, but seriously I doubt that they'll cause any problems in the future for these people.


Praobably the worst US scandal was the Teapot Dome Scandal, which took place during the presidency of Warren G. Harding. This was after WWI in the Roaring '20's during a period of great optimism. The Federal Government owned oil reserves in the West that were supposed to be saved for military use, but were leased out for generous kickbacks to private oil companies. The largest reserve was in Wyoming under a landform resembling a teapot, thus the name.

Government scandals were not commonplace in those days, and the depth of corruption connected to the Teapot Dome Scandal went into nearly every level and function of the Federal government. However, by the time of the McCarthy and Kefauver hearings in the '50's, most Americans had forgotten how corrupt government can get.

For a short history of the scandal, link here