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preservation forum?


Dear Leader
Staff member
Will anyone use it this time?

Messages posted in the old Cyburbia Cafe Historic Preservation Forum were moved to the new Design, Space and Place topic area.

I didn't create a new historic preservation topic area, because the old one didn't really get much use -- about 40 messages during the year and a half it was up. (The foreign language forums also met the same fate -- the French language boards used to get a lot of usage, but discussion there died off in recent months. The Spanish and German boards seldom got posts.) Rather than have many topic areas that see little activity, I'd rather have fewer topic areas with plenty of postings.

Information Technology -- the division is rebuilding their Web site, and I'd like to see them use the Cyburbia board as a default. If it gets little use, the topic area will go away, like the previous IT Forum.

If there's an APA Historic Preservation division, and their officers and members are willing to make extensive use of a topic area for historic preservation, I'll add it to the lineup.