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  • On Thursday night (2/21), I did something I probably shouldn't have with the server. I lost about 90 posts and three new users in the process. If you registered on Thursday, please re-register. If you posted on Thursday, maybe post twice as much on Friday? Again, I apologize. :(

Problem Posting a thread



Hi Dan,
New member and I am having difficulty posting a thread in the Economic Planning page. Upon clicking new thread, I get the soory you are not logged on. However, I can post thread on this page. Please check, Thank-you. Cathy (Murph)


Dear Leader
Staff member
Hmmmm ... I have you as a registered user, so I don't know why it's not letting ypou post. If you "cookied in" at the bottom of the Cyburbia Forums main page, and you're still having problems, let me know -- I'll delete the account, create a new one and bounce the password to you.