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Technology 📱 Project Management Software similar to PMP


What are you all using for Project Management Software?

I'm looking for general Project Management type software - that can be used as a learning tool for large, program-specific type projects. My department covers stormwater, solid waste, environment-related items, some development, building codes, and a small variety of other piecemeal type items. I'm looking for software that can be used to learn how to set up schedules, budgeting, resources, and use the data to keep track from start to finish.

I am not looking at the formal, official PMP certificate program that requires significant time and $$$. I'm looking for alternatives to that.

Any suggestions?

Suburb Repairman

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We use a few different products, but for what you describe I'd dig into Microsoft Project to see if it offers everything you need. I'm pretty sure it does, and is included in your Office365 package (assuming that is what your employer is using). It integrates well with Teams... if you are using Teams. My only real beef is that I hate SharePoint with the fire of 1,000 suns. In a constellation of solid programs from Microsoft, it is definitely the dimmest star.

We also have some really fancy reporting spreadsheets that were programmed by an Excel wizard that works for us. They are a useful quick-reference.

MS Project has a ton of solid training videos, both from Microsoft and by others if you explore YouTube.


Unfrozen Caveman Planner
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We use Basicgov which is a cloud based Salesforce product.

It's worked quite well for us during this recent period when we needed to get to it remotely. It's pretty robust and has alot of potential.