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R.C. race car track in residential zone

Here's my dillemma (though not as dramatic as pig slaughtering):

1) Remote control car racing afficionado constructs a 70' x 40' clay RC car race track in the back yard of his 3 acre lot so that he and his friends can race their remote controlled cars.

2) His property is located within a residential zone, bordered on one side by a denser res. neighborhood (1/5 acre lots) and a power line ROW on the other side.

3) His gathering of friends escalated to a regular meeting of upwards to 50 people every Monday night from 7-11 PM hanging out and racing their cars on this track.

4) The Zoning Administrator issued a ticket because Private Clubs are not allowed to congregate in a residential zone.

5) Our Town's definition of a private club is : A group of people organized for a not-for-profit purpose to pursue common goals, interests or activities and usually characterized by certain membership qualifications, payment of fees and dues, regular meetings and constitution and bylaws. A lodge used for meetings by fraternal organizations shall be considered a "club" so long as it is not used for dwelling purposes. Commercial organizations, such as but not limited to tennis clubs, racquet clubs and physical fitness clubs, shall not be considered "private clubs."

6) Under this definition, my husband's weekly poker games could qualify as a private club. Well, except for their lack of a constitution.

7) Anyway, My job is now to rework the regulations of private clubs. Does anyone have anything that might remotely help me? Any assistance at all is greatly appreciated.

Thanks guys.