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re: Portland (oregon, not maine)


re: Portland (oregon, not maine)

Hey, is there any source of information concerning Portland's housing cost index or whatever compared to costs spent on transportation? I'm wondering whether Portland's higher cost housing (or so I've read) is tempered by it's more compact environment (again, as I've read) and represented by lower transportation costs.

BTW, does anyone care about the quality of life when buying a home? Eight years ago, my parents got a 2000 sq ft home in a well-to-do neighborhood instead of a equally priced 1500 sq ft home in a moderate neighborhood. The difference being, the latter home was closer to schools (walking) and closer to amenities and had a better neighborhood-style construction. It seems, with my limited scope, that people put way too much onto the bottom line and ignore the intangibles.

EDIT: Argh, sorry but it seems half my post is OT. I seem to be bad at staying on the topic at hand.