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Reading good things make me think good thoughts... Even if it is a bad area.


In light of my recent frustration, I started reading several articles on neighborhood and downtown revitalization, and started thinking about how I can still make a difference in the community. Two of the articles that I read stood out. One is about grass roots mixed use neighborhood that took it upon them selves to make the difference. The other was the influence of the Arts and public art in mixed use neighborhoods and downtowns.

Does anyone have any more information mixed use neighborhoods, *on a small scale, and influence of art in those neighborhoods? I think that I may have found part of a solution to our downtown problem. I know it will never be the way it was at one point, but instead of thinking of it as just a commercial area, maybe change it up, for more of a mixed use commercial area.

I was thinking of thinking of it on two scales, one being the entire thing, and trying to provide a consistent feel, the other would be to look at each block as its own concept, and seeing what they can provide to the area as a whole.

Please let me know your thoughts.