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Tracking / permitting / management Recommendations for permitting software packages?

Hello, I work with a county planning department where we administer zoning for 20 of the county's 52 municipalities. We're looking to upgrade to a better permitting software package and I wanted to see if any of you have recommendations. We're currently using devnet which does not meet our needs. Price isn't a huge factor at this time, we just want to find some potential packages that will meet our needs. We have our own GIS and we don't get involved with public works or anything similar to that so we're really only looking for zoning permitting and possibly tracking subdivisions and land developments.


I'm better at telling you things to avoid.

LIS was proprietary, but they sold the rights to a couple sucker towns so you won't find that one much.

KIVA is the one I currently use and it's really outdated.


MyPermitNow is popular in Central TX. It has moduals so you can customize it to a certain degree. The first city I used it in was struggling to make it integrate with other city software - but part of that problem was the PD wanted it to do things that it wasn't designed to do. Front end people were also making it more difficult than it really was - maybe to justify keeping 2 of them?

Second city had a more stripped-down version (smaller city) and it did everything we needed it to do. There was talk of adding the Code Compliance modual, which was looked at favorably compared to whatever crap system they were using.

I've used POSSE before. It was good (not great) for the permitting aspect, but really blew chucks on the plat/zoning side of things. And no one would pay for upgrades, so it only got worse.

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We use it to track development permitting - so there's a board (which is a page on your screen) called Development permits and then there are columns for kinds, like Planning, HPC, Appeals, Minor Reviews and underneath the column headers are the projects in boxes - in each box, you can add description, insert pdf's of the plans and applications, a list of who is reviewing it (and they are invited to comment through Trello as you assign) and a place for people to insert comments in a comment bubble, or they can attach a memo/review - we add check boxes for the process, like a check for receipt, abutter notification, comments received, placing on agenda (and which one), date of approval - then you can archive it and keep it

We also use it to track projects for ordinance changes - the process is different but it's the same kind of board as above

I don't know if we pay for it, I'm too new lol but I assume we do

I tried to do a screen print but wasn't able to do it