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Parking Reducing Parking Requirements

luckless pedestrian

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Has anyone gone through their parking section to reduce requirements and if so, what was your method?

Across the board reduction for the uses?


Allowed counting of on-street spaces within x number of feet?
Reduce if within x number of feet from a bus stop
Reduce if within x' of a public parking lot (though most downtowns exempt parking requirements so this is more for outside of downtown)
Reduce for multi-family if affordable units are included
Allow for shared parking on or offsite for mixed uses with different peak parking times


toss the parking requirements for everywhere and go to a parking demand system whereby the applicant works with the regulatory Board or staff/code to come up with the right amount of parking that factors in the reduction listing above?


We are working on this right now.

  • We already allow on-street spaces within 600 feet of a main entrance to offset requirements 1:1.
  • We allow up to a 20% reduction in overall number of spaces if the major employer in the development (so assumes commercial parking) agrees they will provided a reduced bus pass and transit is available.
  • We often require a shared-use parking study at sketch and require the final approval to have reduced parking spaces based on that study

We are working on amending all of that to eliminate minimums and reduce maximums (they come out of ITE and are inflated compared to our experience). We also have a GIS-based shared parking tool coming our way that will help us ensure we aren't "oversharing" a lot as more infill develops around it. I'd also like to expand the transit "discount" to include any sort of TDM and or mandate it. My municipality has very little public street parking and manages no public parking lots.