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Research on rear lanes in new housing estates

An associate and I are about to start research which will lead to design guidelines for rear lanes in new housing developments. The focus will be on resident responses to lanes in Sydney, Australia but directions to research done elsewhere in the world would inform our work and be greatly appreciated.


maudit anglais
Here in Ontario, Canada, the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing produced a report entitled "Making Choices: Alternative Development Standards" back in 1995. The report lays out alternative development standards for residential subsivsions- based on the concepts of New Urbanism. Engineering and planning considerations for rear lanes are covered quite well - examing such things as utility location, lighting, safety, and snow removal (not much of a problem in your neck of the woods). It really is quite a useful document. Unfortunately it was never fully adopted, and got swept away when the new government scrapped the previous government's planning reform legislation.
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