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Residential developments in Dallas/Chicago

Carman Lam

I am interested in learning more about certain communities in the States, and they are:

Addison Circle in Dallas
State Thomas in Dalls
Dearborn Park in Chicago
Museum Square (at Central Station) in Chicago
(i'm uncertain if these names are correct).

Any kind of information- weblinks, statistics, developer's name, maps- would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you.


Yes I do know a little bit about the State of Thomas and Addison Circle in Dallas. I have the maps of both and could scan them and mail them to you... I recently visited both, they are great areas, but my problem with them is they are somewhat exclusive. Why can't developments similar to these be created for the middle to upper-middle income ranges.

I believe the State of Thomas area had 12 developers / owners in the area. It is fairly large area that was dilapidated prior to the project...

Like I said I do have the maps of the area and could email them to u if you would like... Another interesting place I just visited (in Dallas area) is Legacy Trails, it is a Campus/Mixed Use area for EDI. When completed it will have many characteristics similar to Addison Circle and State of Thomas.