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RFP / RFQ RFP for comprehensive plan update - Town of Dryden, New York

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Dear Leader
Staff member
(Note: I do not work for the Town of Dryden, I'm just forwarding this on.)

Request for Proposal
Comprehensive Plan Update
May 31, 2019

1. Purpose

The Town of Dryden seeks to enter into an agreement with a qualified consultant to help guide the Town in a general update to the Town’s 2005 Comprehensive Plan. Services shall include, but not be limited to: surveying the public for input, community engagement, research, consultation on best practices, meeting facilitation, document drafting, mapping, creation of supporting graphics, statistical analysis, and presentations to elected and appointed officials and the general public.

The goal and intent of this project is to update the Comprehensive Plan to reflect the community's vision for its future growth and development and to preserve and enhance the quality of life in the Town of Dryden.

2. Introduction, Background and Legislative Basis

The Town of Dryden prepared its first "General Plan" in 1968. The 25-year plan set forth a vision for a "pleasant and efficient physical environment" based on guiding principles to "protect that which is worth protecting, conserve that which is worth conserving, and improve that which needs improving". The citizen survey that accompanied the plan collected primarily quantitative demographic information although a brief qualitative section indicated people were generally happy with schools and municipal services and concerned about aesthetics of the landscape and lack of recreational facilities. The 1968 Plan recognized that agriculture is Dryden's principle land use and that the Town should seek to preserve its rural character. The Plan acknowledged the need to plan for anticipated growth, particularly in the Rt366/13 corridor, and to create conservation and agriculture zones to protect those sensitive areas.

Nearly 40 years passed before Dryden released its second and current Comprehensive Plan in 2005. The Plan, which referenced a 25-year horizon and recommended a five year update cycle, stated that its overall goal was to promote the health, safety and general welfare of the people of the Town of Dryden. Although the 2005 Plan did not include a survey of Dryden's citizens, it did draw on and reference a 1999 survey conducted for a class project in Cornell's City and Regional Planning Department and on a 1990 survey conducted by the Town. The 1999 survey indicated a strong desire to preserve the rural nature of the Town, protect environmentally sensitive areas and to improve recreational and public transportation facilities. The Plan introduced the concept of cluster subdivisions and other tools to accommodate growth while preserving and enhancing open space. As an indication of how much has changed in the intervening years, the word "sustainable" only appears twice in the 2005 Plan.

This RFP seeks a proposal to update the 2005 Plan. A 2014 STAR assessment of the 2005 Plan done by a Town staff intern provides context for the update. The following table lists STAR planning categories listed in order of how well they are represented in the 2005 Plan, with stronger representation at the top.
  • Built Environment
  • Natural Systems
  • Health and Safety
  • Economy and Jobs
  • Education, Arts, Community
  • Equity and Empowerment
  • Climate and Energy
New York Town Law §272-a which provides the legislative authority for towns to adopt and periodically update comprehensive plans, states that among the most important powers and duties granted to a town government is the authority and responsibility to undertake town comprehensive planning and to regulate land use for the purpose of protecting the public health, safety and general welfare of its citizens.

3. Scope of Work
The general update to the Comprehensive Plan shall keep the 25-year planning horizon, a 10-year update cycle, and shall include the following elements. We are seeking a comprehensive update to the 2005 Plan and anticipate that most of the tables, maps and text will be either confirmed as relevant or revised and supplemented with additional material as required to meet the scope of work. The project deliverable is the updated Comprehensive Plan which shall be submitted in accessible, tagged PDF format.

3.1 Update to the Introduction to the Comprehensive Plan
Update to the first chapter of the 2005 Plan shall include summaries of the following Town of Dryden planning documents for the purpose of providing background/contextual information:

The 2005 Comprehensive Plan including the Varna Community Development Plan
The 2018 Agriculture and Farmland Protection Plan
The 2011 Recreation Master Plan
The 2003 Open Space Inventory
The 2017 Natural Resources Conservation Plan
The 2015 Tompkins County Comprehensive Plan which includes Dryden
The 2008 Route 13/366 Corridor Management Plan and the current update
The 2017 Town of Dryden Water and Sewer District Consolidation Study

The Chapter 1 Update shall also include:
  • A summary of the New York Rural Water Association Source Water Protection Plan which is started but not complete.
  • A summary of significant events/projects in the Town including the ban on natural gas and petroleum mining, the failed Critical Environmental Area initiative, the three community solar projects in the Town, the Dryden Rail Trail project, and Dryden's participation in the NYS Climate Smart Communities program.
  • An Executive Summary of the Plan which is missing from the 2005 Plan.
3.2 Inventory and Analysis, Goals and Objectives Update
  • Update to the Chapter 2 Inventory and Analysis of the 2005 Comprehensive Plan shall include the information in the maps and tables in the chapter and the associated text. Items of particular relevance include:
  • Data from the 2010 Census to inform trends and forecasting of future growth.
  • Data from Dryden's building permit database to inform an analysis of the how recent construction compares with the development goals set forth in the 05 Plan and to forecast future growth. Provide information on cost of existing housing to inform better planning for affordable housing.
  • The scope of work includes analysis of Dryden's Zoning codes, particularly the Allowable Uses and Area and Bulk tables to determine their compatibility with Goals and Objectives of the Plan.
  • Update to the Transportation section to inform an analysis of traffic volumes and availability/ use of public transportation.
  • Update to the Schools section to include growth of the Tompkins Cortland Community College.
  • Update the infrastructure section to include broadband and water and sewer updates.
  • Inventory of the tax base and revenue sources.
The scope of work includes a greenhouse gas inventory for the Town and an inventory of Town vulnerabilities to a changing climate.

The scope of work includes design and execution of a comprehensive survey and public outreach program including a survey of all Dryden residents and at least three community workshops located at different locations in the Town. Information from the survey and workshops will form the basis for update and revision to Chapter 3 Goals and Objectives. The survey and workshops shall be designed to inform the following:
  • A vision statement and goals and objectives for the revised Plan
  • A new topic in the Plan covering Climate Change and Energy and how Dryden residents want their local government to participate in topics such as climate change mitigation and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.
  • An evaluation of whether the Goals and Objective identified in the 2005 Comprehensive Plan are still relevant and the degree to which they have been accomplished.
3.3 Plan Recommendations

The scope of work includes analysis and update of Comprehensive Plan Recommendations based on the updated Goals and Objectives. Although it is anticipated that many of the recommendations from the 2005 Comprehensive Plan will still be relevant, their relative priority may have changed. The following topics shall be emphasized in the recommendations:
  • Affordable Housing The Plan shall include a thorough analysis and recommendations for how Dryden can incentivize construction of affordable housing. The analysis shall include locations and suggestions for zoning language if needed and appropriate.
  • Transportation The Plan shall include analysis of existing transit modes and recommendations to reduce fossil motor vehicle use.
  • Walkable Communities The Plan shall include a thorough analysis and recommendations for how Dryden can incentivize construction of walkable communities/nodal development. The analysis shall include locations and suggestions for zoning language if needed and appropriate.
  • Development in the Conservation and Agriculture Zones The Plan shall include an analysis and recommendations for development in these two zones to insure development is consistent with Plan goals. The analysis shall include suggestions for zoning language changes if needed and appropriate.
  • Economic Development The Plan shall update the Town's economic development goals, inventory commercial, agricultural and ag-related enterprises and make recommendations to meet development goals.
  • Climate Change and Energy Anticipating community support for inclusion of the topic of climate change the consultant should plan on a thorough analysis and recommendations on the topic.
4.0 Project Structure

Although the updated Comprehensive Plan shall be adopted by the Dryden Town Board, as permitted by NY Town Law §272-a, pursuant to Resolution Number 84 of 2019, the Dryden Town Board delegated the management of the update project to the Dryden Town Planning Board, which, along with the Town Director of Planning, will serve as the steering committee and the "customer" for the work. The Town Director of Planning will serve as point person for the project for contractual matters such as invoice approval and payment for services. The Planning Board meets in early evenings and the consultant will be expected to accommodate the Board schedule for project meetings.

Similarly, community meetings will need to be scheduled for times when the community is available. We envision an open, transparent process for the work.

5.0 Project Schedule
  • RFP Release 5/31/19
  • Last Date for Written Questions 6/17/19
  • Proposal Submission Deadline 7/1/19 by 3:30 pm
  • Anticipated Contract Award 8/16/19
  • Anticipated Work Completion 6/30/21
6.0 Proposal Requirements

Please include the following with your proposal:
  • A narrative indicating your understanding of the work and an outline of how you plan to conduct and complete the work. Describe your approach to data collection, e.g., traffic volumes, GHG inventory. Describe if and how you plan to use 2020 census data.
  • A description of your proposed public engagement process including some of the tools and techniques to be employed.
  • A schedule broken down into project phases and including on-site meetings.
  • A cost proposal broken down into project phases and including fee and reimbursables. Provide a project cash flow projection.
  • Billing rates of people who will work on the project.
  • Roles and resumes of people who will work on the project including any subcontractors. Identify the proposed project manager.
  • Examples of similar projects/work scope elements done by the people proposed for this project.
  • Exclusions, if any, to this Request for Proposal.
  • Three references for similar work by your team proposed for Dryden’s project.
  • Demonstration that your company has at least five years’ experience delivering municipal comprehensive plans.
6.1 Proposal Preparation Costs
The Town shall not be liable for any costs associated with the preparation, transmittal or presentation of any response or materials submitted in response to the RFP.

6.2 Additional Terms and Conditions
  • All document to be prepared and furnished to the Town in the preparation of the Plan shall become the property of the Town.
  • Consultant shall carry a minimum $1 million general and automotive liability insurance for the duration of the agreement.
7.0 Award of Work

Contract award will be based on previously demonstrated qualifications of the team proposed for the work, completeness of the proposal, the proposed schedule and work plan, and the proposed fee. The Town will also consider the following areas in evaluating proposals, including such additional matters as it may determine are in its best interest:
  • Consultant experience and success working with diverse and sometimes contentious groups and facilitating community consensus.
  • Consultant approach to maximizing public input including techniques for conducting surveys and community workshops.
  • Consultant experience in working with communities on similar issues.
Following the receipt of Proposals, the Town reserves the right to request clarifications and other comments of specific Proposers regarding matters covered in the Proposals prior to identifying selected Proposers for negotiations. Proposers are advised that the requirements of this Proposal are subject to further refinements and clarifications by the Town until an agreement between the Town and the successful Proposer is executed.

The Town intends following receipt evaluation, clarification, and strengthening of Proposals, to enter promptly into discussions to finalize an Agreement providing those services with the selected Proposer whose Proposal, in the judgment of the Town, is most advantageous to the Town. The Town may, in its sole discretion, discontinue such negotiations at any time and begin negotiations with an alternate Proposer or Proposers responding hereto. The Town specifically reserves the right to reject any or all Proposals submitted, for any reason, in its sole discretion, or to reissue an RFP in identical or altered form, or not to issue further RFPs.

8.0 Questions and Proposal Submission

Submit any questions in writing to the Director of Planning at the address below at least two weeks prior to the deadline set by the Planning Board for the receipt of proposals. Please do not submit email or verbal questions and do not approach members of the Dryden Town Board or Planning Board. An addendum to this RFP, if required, containing responses to questions will be published on the Town’s website at: https://dryden.ny.us a minimum of one week prior to the deadline set for submission of proposals.

Submit proposals to the following address. Submit 3 paper copies and a digital copy (pdf) of the proposal to:

Ray Burger
Director of Planning
Town of Dryden
93 East Main Street
Dryden, NY 13045
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