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Rules of thumb for parking, roads on campus

Steve Ma

I'm doing some preliminary programming for a new university campus. Can anyone point me out to some sources/info. as to how much land acreage (in terms of % of total land) should be devoted to parking and roadways? I'm also interested in how much of a parking area (surface or structure) "should" be set aside for landscaping, buffering, setbacks, etc.

Just looking for rules of thumb, guidelines, precedents, analogies... Thanks in advance.

Steve Ma

mike gurnee

Let's get back on track.

I thought I had a lead to campus planning, but can't find it anywhere. From personal experience, each campus is different. Is it commuter oriented or are students required to live in the dorms? Are there an abundance of night courses for alternative students who drive? Is the location/setting conducive to bicycling? Will the campus have sports and entertainment activities for the entire community? Perhaps there are too many variables for a "rule of thumb." I have seen codes requiring 10 spaces per classroom and one per dorm room, but I bet these are guesses.

One note of caution: don't trust the administration with their estimates--there is always an expansion program, and you will be lucky to get an 18 month commitment on the campus 'final' plan.

By the way, I have a campus sitting vacant if you are interested.