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Rules? What rules?

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Complaint Department

It seems today like everyone is trying to make up their own rules. The just add new ones and ignore the old ones whenever they want. Forget the rules that are written down, that were actually adopted into law, forget if it says you have to do this or can't do that, it should be done however they say it should be done. Now I try and be flexible at times and accommodate situations the rules did not expect, but it seems it doesn't matter whether I follow the rules or bend them, someone always says it isn't done right. How do we planners tell what "right" is when they don't let us know until after it's too late?


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That can be a big problem for new planners in departments where policy has traditionally been handed down through oral folklore rather than in writing, especially when there has been no clear precedent set by previous decision-makers.

mike gurnee

Dan and A New are right on target. We should not just be flexible, interpreting codes without documentation, and making up our own rules. Codes do become outdated. A large city I recently visited has a book of "zoning determinations and interpretations" so that all staff knows what is the rule de jure. Hopefully, such a compendium can be the basis for a total code revision. But don't go too far with interpretation issues--we have boards of appeals with that authority. We should revise zoning more often, a judge would have trouble understanding our plight. It is not that hard, even for a staff of one. A zoning text amendment does not have to be total revision.
AMEN!!!! You have no idea what I would pay for the smallest attempt of a record of what was and wasn't enforced and how before my arrival.