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San Antonio and China

Howdy, as they might say in San Antonio.
Anyone going to APA national conf. this year in San Antonio>
I won't be able to make it --too bad --it is a nice community.

Anyway, I keep seeing more and more of the APA national initiatives on China.
Lots of interactions, visits, etc. That is great in some respects, but there are questions.
Over a year ago, our Alaska Chapter sent a letter to national APA re the China initiatives, but asking if such initiatives also include strong APA initiatives on human rights. That China's human rights record is one for concern. Also the matter of China taking over Tibet and Tibet residents still fighting for independence.

We never got an answer, but still hope to get one.
What do you think?
Happy Spring everyone.
I don't think you will ever get a letter from APA addressing the systematic and ongoing human rights abuses in China or their illegal occupation of Tibet. That is because for all its bluster about advocacy the APA has no sense of the American part of the name in the American Planning Association. I suspect it would love to morph into the UN of planning organizations. Let's all sing the International and plan a glorious future for the workers. ;)

When was the last time APA had anything but a fleeting comment on a local issue - and that comment made the news, sparked a discussion, or angered anyone? Does anyone belong to a chapter which had an issue of the last few years and APA became proactive in making contact with the chapter? Anyone have any issues in which APA asked the chapter, "How can we help?" Other than jumping on the Katrina bandwagon - still didn't make a national impact outside of the NPR circles - I don't see APA doing much for anyone other than a few at the top.

Has anyone ever seen the APA effectively advocate? If it has happened and I misses it I'd be the first to come back here and say, "Sorry APA" But I'll be damned if the APA has done anything significant for its members or the cause of planning. I'm really trying to think of something they have done that made national news and was a significant help to the profession or an individual community.

So Earl, when I see a big money PR effort coming out of APA to kiss up to a communist country with an abhorent human rights record and yet my state chapter is broke I tend to question the wisdom of the leadership of the APA.

First things first APA. I'd like something for my $300+/- a year.
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