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Seeking quick help with a few photos

Hi there! I'm putting together some photos for an illustrative guide to accompany our Land Development Regs, to showcase examples of some of our new open space allowances. Our Planning Commission has taken a big bold swipe at defining open space pretty broadly to include quite a few non-traditional spaces. Being from a small area in the northeast where everything has already turned brown and grey, it has been difficult to find quality photos this past week. Our City policy prohibits us from using photos without specific consent, so google image search isn't helpful to me. I am hoping that maybe a few kind folks here will have some photos of your own you wouldn't mind sharing.

Specifically, I'm searching for examples of the following:
Sun Terrace (in summary: private or public, generally accessible and open area on an upper story with seating and gathering amenities)
Indoor Park/Atrium (in summary: Interior open space where at least one wall facing the street consists predominantly of glass, intended to create a gathering or respite space)
Enhanced or recreational stormwater treatment area (briefly, something way cooler than a detention pond, must also offer seating and/or a path)
Street front open space (in summary, an enhanced area which separates the street from a parking lot. Should have seating. Generally a cool or interesting place. Intended to be more than a basic greenbelt/tree planting median. May serve as screening but doesn't have to.)
Rain garden- ideally would also include seating and serve as a place for seating or enjoyment.

I think you can see the theme here is that each of these spaces should serve as a true place- where you wouldn't mind reading a book, eating your lunch, meeting a friend, taking photos of your family, etc. Seating is an important requirement for the Commissioners.

I think you can private message me through here to either send photos or ask for my email.

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help me in this urgent search.