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Separation between gas stations

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Hello all:

I was wondering if anybody knew of any jurisdication(s) that limited spacing of gas/fuel station uses between major intersections. Our current regulations limit the number of gas station uses to two per major thoroughfare intersection. Now, City Council has asked us to research further to consider requiring minimum spacing between major intersections for fuel stations. Any assistance or guidance is appreciated. Thanks

Loren Shapiro


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I our community, every one is a conditional use, and we maintain a 1500 foot separation requirement unless a special exception is granted by the Plan Commission. There are certain conditions under which an exception can be granted. Our web site includes our code:



Dear Leader
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In our revised land use code, we're considering a cap on vehicle-related uses. We're down the road from a long, downscale "mechanical commercial" district, and that corridor of car dealers, body shops, auto parts stores, tire stores and RV dealers is creeping our way.

[begin code excerpt]

.02 Mechanical commercial use cap. The total linear frontage of all parcels with these uses must not exceed 25% of the total linear frontage of all C-G and commercial PUD zoned parcels on West Colonial Drive.

• Convenience stores with gasoline sales
• Gas stations, including those with co-branded uses such as restaurants and convenience stores
• Large item sales and rental (all classes)
• Vehicle minor repair
• All businesses whose primary function is the sales, rental, servicing, repair, cleaning and modification of motorized vehicles and/or items powered by liquid and gas fuel powered engines, and the sales and/or installation of parts and accessories for such vehicles and items.

For such uses in shopping centers and similar facilities with multiple commercial tenants on one lot, where the area dedicated to the use is not clearly defined, the linear frontage of the use is calculated using this formula:

Use linear frontage on street = linear frontage of use in building × (linear frontage of lot / linear frontage of building)

Example: 200’ wide building on parcel with 300’ of linear frontage on West Colonial Drive
100’ used for auto parts sales
100 × (300 / 200) = 150’ linear frontage on street