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Water / hydrology Should cities regulate location of storm water detention ponds


I work on a lot of site development projects and even though there are urban design standards on many of them, so much of the effort is wasted because the storm water detention ponds are pulled as close to the right-of-way as possible. We have walkable urban design follow by a block of grassy pit. How do we overcome this design flaw in our system?


City of Phoenix has a design regulation section that does just that among other things.

Link to how to implement the review: https://phoenix.municipal.codes/ZO/507 (section 507.C kind of spells it out for you)

Link to actual design review codes: https://phoenix.municipal.codes/ZO/507_TabA Somewhere in there is one that says you only get to have retention for 50% of the front yard (area between property and setback).

So basically if it is required you have to go to a design review board that hates dealing with little design problems. If it's a presumption, you need to prove to the planner beyond a doubt that you have a better design or the design is pointless in this case - like not having sidewalks in the area. If it's a consideration it might become an entitlement stipulation if it needs to be done, but otherwise considerations are kind of pointless.