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mike gurnee

In Reply to: Sidewalks posted by Claudia Paine on January 05, 1998 at 21:21:54:

Originally posted by (User Above)
Can anyone offer information regarding their method of ranking sidewalk projects. In other words, what criteria are you using. Thanks for any information.

Claudia Paine, Planner
Town of Chapel Hill
In Kansas, we suffer (economically, not morally or socially)under a court decision against one community to make all existing sidewalks handicapped accessible. My town prioritized the need to be: 1) the CBD, 2)one block in every direction surrounding elementary schools, and 3) everywhere else. New sidewalk construction cannot be budgeted. The second phase is just about complete. A greater problem for us is to get sidewalks installed with new development. The planning commission listens to developers rather than sidewalk users, and waives the requirement. Chapel Hill did not have have such a problem when I worked NC in the 80s, and probably still doesn't.
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