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signs: corporate gall

mike gurnee

We just told a fast food manager to remove a banner per zoning. She let us know that the corporate office takes 50 points off her evaluation if banners are not displayed. I'm tempted to let the banner remain so I can cite headquarters into court. Our regulations should have no bearing on one's performance evaluation.


Dear Leader
Staff member
"We have to do it that way .... it's corporate policy!" If I had a dime for every time someone told me that ... well, I'd probably have twenty bucks.

I've actually called some people on it. "Show me your corporate policy that requires a specific type of signage. Show me the manual that says you must display this banner, and not doing so is grounds for termination." They can't, because those rules don't exist -- despite their claims. Otherwise, most of the suburbs of Denver and Phoenix, with sign regulations that are legendary in their draconian application and enforcement, would be barren of commercial enterprise.

Being the "there ought to be a law!" kind of person, I've actually codified a response in our land use regulations.

[blockquote]215.22 Formula businesses. Formula businesses include retail stores, restaurants, hotels and other establishments that are required by contract to adopt standardized services, methods of operation, decor, uniforms, architecture or other features virtually identical to businesses located in other communities.

Formula businesses are welcome to operate in the Town. However, to preserve and enhance the Town’s sense of place, corporate, franchisor or general industry policy, preferences or tradition must not take precedence over the Town performance standards, and requirements for site planning, architecture, signage, landscaping, hardscaping, lighting, building size, and maximum gross floor area. Formula businesses must conform to the Town’s regulations -- not the other way around."[/blockquote]

I'm also liberal with the phrase "regardless of corporate or industry standards, preferences or tradition" in aspects of the code where I've always seem to run into conflicts with chains or certain business categories.


How many points would she lose if the business was cited and/or fined? Certainly she would have to report that to her supervisor or corporate office.


two letters.. T. S.

We just completed our banner/lightstandard/portable sign sweep. someone gave me the sob story that they made lots of money off of advertising for cig companies and they couldn't afford to take the signs down.

it's the law.

Do hitmen get aquitted for murder because they do it as a source of income?

"oh you killed him cause you get paid to do it, well then.. please continue!"

i know, zoning has nothin to do with murder. or does it.....