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Single family to multi-family ordinance


I live in a 12,000 sq ft. old stone schoolhouse, State Historical designation,within the village limits. I want to convert it to condominiums & the village planning commission wants me to write an ordinance to do this. It is currently zoned single family housing & so it currently cannot be converted to condos. I tried for a use variance & a rezoning but I have been told that a new ordinance should be created to accomplish my objectives. It meets closely with their master plan criteria of diversifying housing types, preservation of historic buildings, consolidating driveways, etc. How should I approach this?

Jerry Weitz

Determine your existing zoning district. Find the permitted uses section of the local code, and insert "condominiums." You might also want to propose adding a definition of condominiums since that term really applies to a form of ownership rather than building or use, so you might as well add apartments/multi-family in the amendment.

It might be a simple as that. If the town wants you to go into specifics, I'd try to shy away from that. Get a draft and run it by the local staff for their comments first--if you can get a meeting with the town attorney, he or she might be willing to help you put the change in amendment form.