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Development review Site Plan Review Process

luckless pedestrian

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I know this is a basic 101 question but does anyone have ordinance language that they really like and is clear for the site plan review application and/or the difference between a minor site plan reviewed by staff only and one that is reviewed by the Planning Board/Commission.

Thanks - trying to clean up my language but I think I might do a complete re-write so I want to see a few others that people like using.


A shadow of my former self
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Here's what we put together when we re-wrote our regs last year:


  • sect-2.pdf
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Unfrozen Caveman Planner
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Here's ours:

1109.01 PURPOSE.
Before the issuance of a zoning certificate or conditional zoning certificate for any proposed multi-family, mobile home park, public facility, business or industrial use as provided for in Chapters 1115 to 1141, the Planning Commission or Planning Director shall review and approve site plans for such uses as identified below.
(a) A review by the Commission shall also be required when:
(1) There is an increase in the number of dwelling units for multi-family;
(2) The floor area of a nonresidential building is increased;
(3) The use of an existing building is changed to a use which requires the addition of more off-street parking facilities than currently exist on the site;
(b) The following Minor Developments may be finally approved by the Planning Director in lieu of action by the Planning Commission. Any improvement which is not in compliance with this Chapter or is determined by the Planning Director to be beyond the scope of a minor building development will be forwarded to the Planning Commission for review.
(1) New construction of one single-family dwelling that will not require off-site construction of any new street or road; or
(2) Renovations, alterations, or expansions to an existing building or site up to 5,000 square feet for land uses other than single- family dwellings and 10,000 square feet for I-1 zoned properties; or
(3) Expansion of an existing parking lot up to thirty percent (30%) of existing spaces; or
(4) Facade alterations which do not alter the existing architectural character.

I/we recently amended/expanded the categories and thresholds for "Minor Developments" to permit more administrative approvals as we were wasting PC and staff time for a public meeting to expand an existing 100 space parking lot with 20 more spaces, as an example.

Obviously, for the record :) , projects still have to follow all applicable zoning code bulk, site design and use regulations in order to issue an actual construction/use permit.