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Soliciting feedback from users on 2020 Census data products


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Dear IPUMS NHGIS users,

The Census Bureau needs your help!

The U.S. Census Bureau is soliciting feedback related to 2020 Decennial Census data products.
As part of its program to modernize respondent confidentiality and privacy, the Bureau aims to identify use cases for all planned 2020 Census data tables. IPUMS NHGIS users are well positioned to respond to the Census Bureau’s request. We strongly urge users to submit comments before the deadline of September 17.

Briefly, to respond to the Federal Register Notice, detail which Decennial Census products you use, on which subjects, at which levels of geography, and for what research and policy purposes. Users who rely on block-level tables or summaries of persons in households or families are particularly encouraged to respond.

The Bureau is interested in learning about how users utilize specific data tables at specific levels of geography (e.g., census block, school district, county subdivision) in research or for specific legal, statutory, or programmatic purposes. If the Bureau cannot identify situations where particular data tables at particular levels of geography are required, there is a chance they will not publish those tables following the 2020 Decennial Census.

John Abowd, U.S. Census Bureau’s Chief Scientist for Research and Methodology, recently shared with us:
“It is imperative that sophisticated data users respond to this FRN. As my new blog makes clear, we can control the fitness-for-use of the 2020 Census data products, but the Census Bureau cannot give every use case the same margin-of-error (just as we currently cannot give every statistic from the ACS the same MOE). The use case for the PL94-171 redistricting data is written into that statute. It is the only use case currently reflected in the design of the 2020 Census disclosure avoidance system. Other data users must supply information that demonstrates how the categorical and geographic detail in historical summary and detailed data tables, national and state demographic profiles, and topical briefs translates into their own use cases.”

Thank you for your assistance.