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Street naming/house numbering bylaws

Mountain Man

I am looking for a sample of a bylaw to regulate the naming of streets and the numbering of houses. At present, we do not have one. Help would be appreciated.


Dear Leader
Staff member
A draft of a code I wrote quite a while ago. It's still missing a lot, like the definitions of :street," "avenue," "circle," and so on.

Street Naming Guidelines

Continuation of street names -

A street name will remain the same if:
· a street is or will be continued through a park.
· it is divided by vacant land with the potential to be developed, to allow for a connection through the land.
· it is divided by a railroad track or limited access highway, but there is a crossing within 500’ (152.4m).
· it attempts to follow a section or half section line.

A street name will change if:
· it is divided by a large man-made or natural obstacle and it will not likely be extended across the obstacle.
· it is offset by 150’ (45.72m) or more at a street intersection. This does not apply to streets following section or half section lines.

Suffixes and prefixes

All street names shall have a suffix (“Street,” “Lane,” “Drive,” and so on.).

Foreign language prefixes (Calle, Avenida, Rue, etc.) shall only be used in large developments with a comon street naing theme, as described in Section ***.

Duplication - New street names shall not duplicate or closely resemble an existing street name in any part of the ****. This also applies to phonetic and cross-lingual duplication (“Fair Drive” and “Phair Drive,” “Fall Road” and “Pfohl Road,” “Riverview Avenue” and “Avenida Rio Vista”)

Spelling - Street names shall be spelled properly. The most common spelling for words that may be spelled in many creative ways is preferred (for instance, “Karen Lane” is preferred over “Caryn Lane”) Street names shall not be longer than 15 letters or spaces, not including the prefix or suffix.

Street numbers - Streets with single letter or number names are discouraged, unless they continue on an existing street grid that uses numbers or letters.

Legitimate names - Street names shall be checked to see that according to local usage, it is a proper, respectable word. Obscene, comical or questionable street names in any language shall not be used (for instance, “Chug-a-Lug Drive,” “Grumpy Lane,” “Elvis is Alive Drive,” “Calle de los Pendejos” and “Rue Merde”).

Pronunciation - Street names shall be reasonably uncomplicated and easy to pronounce. Names that could be difficult to pronounce are discouraged (for example, “Kryszyzwyk Drive”).

Themes - The use of street names that all have a common theme in large developments is encouraged, to contribute to the sense of identity in a neighborhood. New street names in neighborhoods with established themes should be similar in character to existing street names in the area.
Check out the ordinance used by Brevard County, FL. Can't recall the woman in charge of addressing or if she's still there, but she has helped other communities with their ordinance.