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Subway car on sale at eBay!


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From the old Fort Worth/Tandy subway:

The M&O Subway (named after Marvin and Obie Leonard, owners of the Leonards Department Stores) opened February 15, 1963 in a ceremony that featured the first subway car crashing through a simulated brick wall to arrive at the downtown Fort Worth, TX terminal. At the time of it opening, the Leonard Family’s M&O Subway was the only privately owned subway system south of the Mason-Dixon Line and the only department store owned subway in the world! The subway was hailed as "daring" and "visionary" and was praised by international press, the Saturday Evening Post, the New Yorker and Time Magazine.

Manufacturer: St. Louis Car Company 1945-46. Dimensions: 44' L x 8' W x 11.5' H. This PCC (President's Conference Committee) streetcar was purchased in 1962 by Marvin and Obie Leonard. Remodeled in 1974 by RadioShack/Tandy Corporation to pattern design after Bay Area Rapid Transit vehicles operating in the San Francisco Bay area. The car was stripped down to the frame. Old seats, interior and exterior walls, all flooring and ceiling were discarded. The remodel for Tandy Subway system provided a drive capability at each end. See below for all details.
As far as that old ebay auction, I recall checking it out also. A few days after the bidding stopped, I noticed the bidder posted a retraction... Never followed up on it afterwards.

The M-Line Streetcar (MATA) in Dallas got one of the two cars and is currently readying it to roll. A stop-gap measure to take the burden off the vintage cars currently in use. (Responding to this thread super late... I know.)