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Switching careers to EcDev?


For years I had been involved in transit planning, but grew tired of it. It was one of those careers you thought you'd dream of as a kid, then reality set in and felt like you want to pursue something else. Maybe it had to do with the environments I've been in, but I think I had enough.

Meanwhile in this whole discovery process, a few things have come to mind. I briefly worked in a Chamber in the 90s cold calling for retention or new memberships, but didn't last long. A few years back working on a conference, a colleague of mine saw my relationship building and generalist knowledge and thought I should pursue that career. I didn't. I joined EDAC many years ago but never retained my membership. Recently I was interviewed for roles in Business Improvement Areas, but never happened.

Of course I have a planning degree, but have a lapsed (6 months in) planning designation. So any thoughts about pursuing such a career in Canada? Any thoughts about pursuing this avenue? I'm actually dead serious about it. Thanks in advance.


I forgot I had this account. I haven't used it in years. I can't figure out how to delete the post and repost with my old account.