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Taliban Traffic Engineering?!


maudit anglais
From the Toronto Star, Friday March 8 2002:
Taliban's hated speed bumps vanish
Other parts of theocrats' harsh rule were popular, but not traffic control

KANDAHAR, Afghanistan (AP) - Today was something of a "driver's liberation day" in this noisy, exhaust-choked city, as crews began digging up speed bumps that slowed traffic to a crawl during the time of the Taliban.
Long stretches of the Herat Bazaar and Kabul Shah thoroughfares were suddenly flat and inviting to speeding motorists, where once the Taliban had built up bumps in the pavement to control the traffic of motorized rickshaws, lumbering trucks, bicycles and overpowered sport utility vehicles.

Although many Kandaharis appreciated the Taliban's law-and-order government, the speed bumps were highly unpopular.

During their five-year rule, the Islamic radical Taliban also sought to control the population by banning music, movies, television and girls' education, among other things.

Friday's unannounced pavement project came three months after the Taliban were toppled from power in a U.S.-led military campaign.

What a small, small world we live in... Guess they should have used a better traffic consultant!


Well, it sounds like they're getting things figured out over there. Silly me, I thought we would constantly have to worry about the new government. But as long they keep the roads smooth, sounds like they'll stay in power. They were worried about creating schools for all the children, boys and girls, for no reason.