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The Human Scale documentary


The Human Scale is a new documentary profiling Jan Gehl and Gehl Architects ideas and international work that should be of interest to Planners.

See the trailer here: http://thehumanscale.dk

I saw it recently at a free screening hosted by a local chapter of Architects in Film, and I found pretty interesting and inspirational. I had never heard of Jan Gehl, but I agreed with most everything he said and am now interested in reading his books. If you've seen it, what did you think?

The Human Scale (2013) can be seen free-of-charge- in English on youtube:

There are a few minor hitches with the ^above^ free English version:

  • You must start about 3 minutes into the film; the first 3 minutes are in Spanish. (I set up an automatic 3-minute entrance in the ^above link^ but might it be worth noting for future reference.)
  • The name of this film version is in Spanish: "La Escala Humana".
  • It's not in HD.
  • It conforms to a widescreen TV, and fills up much of the screen---but not (necessarily) the entire screen.
  • It's about 10 minutes shorter than the English rental version.
  • Throughout the film, there are yellow Spanish subtitles centered on the bottom.
Some free movie links are included my posts because I know what it's like to be a broke student and a university graduate weighed down for years in student debt.
That said, The Human Scale English HD rental version has remarkable photographic restoration and is a world of viewing difference. It's sort of like the difference in watching major league ball games on a large HD screen versus an average SD screen. Some on-demand sites and cable plans have the English HD film rentals free-of-charge.
(Youtube English-HD rental cost $US~> 3.99)