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The NEVERENDING Cyburbia security thread


Dear Leader
Staff member
Trying to stop scraper bots from China? See https://www.cyburbia.org/forums/threads/aggressive-bots-from-china-blocking-with-htaccess-etc.56183/ for our .htaccess directive.

This is an ongoing thread to report on security issues with Cyburbia, like bot and denial-of-service attacks.

Traffic from forum registration and scraping bots jumped over the past weekend. I had to add a bunch of IP ranges to the block list, the bulk from Web hosting companies in Europe (and the Netherlands in particular, for some reason) that tend to turn a blind eye to malicious traffic. A lot of VPN/proxy and Tor traffic, in our case consisting mostly of wannabe spammers and content scrapers, is also funneled through those Web hosts. I get that some people use anonymizing services for legitimate reasons, but most traffic we get via VPNs and Tor is malicious.

If you can't access Cyburbia because we blocked an IP address you often use, please post a message here from another ISP -- work, home, wifi from a coffee shop, wireless/mobile, or whatever -- and let us know.