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The NEVERENDING Movie Review Thread.

el Guapo

I'll go first.

As part of our ongoing Little-Bollywood film quest at the House of Guapo ™ we recently watched the much anticipated (in the Indian Community) film Bend it like Beckham.

I liked it. The BBC review you can find by following the link is dead on. Having an Indian (Asian version) handy while you watch the movie to point out the subtle vernacular events in the film that are not obvious to regular western viewer was helpful. It is a nice family movie that will surprise Americans with its lack of hardcore porn, mindless violence and moral bankruptcy. Yet it is still entertaining for people of all ages.

We found the film available on DVD at our local rental store.


Bend it Like Beckham

el Guapo, I agree with your take on this movie. I have three kids 13 and under and it is not easy to find a film the 13 yo boy will watch (without trying to spoil it for eveyone) in the company of two younger sisters and his parents. This is one exception. The mother's paranoia regarding lesbianism took some explaining but was not too difficult. I think the wedding scene with the music building and building in the background was fantastically entertaining. I don't doubt there were lots of in-jokes - a bit like My Big Fat Greek Wedding, another all-family hoot.

It has been extremely popular over here and my girls bought the DVD - there is an OK extra version of the wedding scene in the extras.

Good pick for pre-teens to adults I reckon.