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The "Nigerian" Internet Scam Goes Upscale


I've received other posts, but never one from the SON of Mobutu Sese Seko before :)

Pretty amazing. IMO, people who fall for this deserve absolutely zero sympathy for their utter cluelessness and greed. The Nigerian scamsters probably need the money more than American ignorami, anyway.

Good Day,
You may be surprise to receive this email since you do not know me.
I am the son of the late president of Democratic Republic Of
Zaire, President Mobutu Sese Seko, ( now The Republic of Congo, under
the leadership of the son of Mr. Laurent Kabila). I presume you are
aware there is a financial dispute between my family ( THEMOBUTUS ) and
the present civilian Government. This is based on what they believe as
bad and corrupt governance on my late father's part. May his soul rest
in perfect peace. As you might have heard how a lot of my father's bank
account in Switzerland and North America have been frozen. Following the
above named reasons, I am soliciting for your humble and confidential
assistance to take custody of THIRTY Million United States Dollars (
US$30,000,000.00 ), also to front for me in the areas of business you
desire profitable.
These funds have secretly been deposited into a confidential
Security Company, where it can easily be withdrawn or paid to a
recommended beneficiary. The funds will be released to you by the
Security Company, based on my recommendations, on that note, you will be
presented as my partner who will be fronting for me and my family in any
subsequent ventures. Myself and my mother have decided to give 20% to
you if you are able to help us claim this consignment. We have also
decided to give you any money spent on phone calls or traveling expenses
in the course of this transaction at the end of the transaction.
success of this transaction, your utmost confidentiality and secrecy is
highly required, due to my family's present predicament.
I sincerely will appreciate your willingness to assist us as
soon as possible. I am presently in the refugee camp here in the
Netherlands under the united nations refugee camp in Netherlands and I
can be reached on phone number +31-629282009 for more information on how we can proceed in this transaction. Please indicate your interest by sending your
telephone and fax number or call me up at anytime. I sincerely will
appreciate your acknowledgement as soon as possible.
Warmest regards,
Joseph Mobutu Sese-Seko.


I received this one the other day.....








My dear,

I wish to introduce my good self as Mr. Mike Rossman, 28 years old. The elder son of Author Rossman of Zimbabwe. This might be a surprise to you where I got you contact address, I got your contact through network online. I was convinced to solicit for your assistance after reading your profile. I am interested in doing business with your company, particularly, in joint venture in your country on lucrative business.

During the current war against the farmers in Zimbabwe from the support of our President ROBERT MUGABE to claim all the white and black farms in our country, so he ordered all the white and black farmers to surrender all their farms to his party members and his followers, and my father is one of the best farmers in our country, because he did not support the his idea and his supporters invaded my father's farm and burnt everything in the farm and killed my father and confiscated all his investment. After the death of my father, my mother, my younger brother and I decided to move out of Zimbabwe because our life is still in danger, with the money my father kept in his hidden safe in my mothers house,since he does not have any account with any bank due to illiteracy but was successful in farm production.

The amount contained in the safe is US$18M (Eighteen Million United States Dollars), and we decided to move with the money through diplomatic means and we are forced to seek a political asylum as refugee. Which I brilliantly transferred and deposited it with a Finance and Assets Protection Company here in Johannesburg, Republic of South Africa,meanwhile i was advised by a lawyer here to transfer the fund to Assets protection company in any European country for more safety pending when i get reliable some body that will assist receive the fund in his foreign safe account and at the same time give me light of investment,based on technical know how / business inclined.

However, my aim of contacting you is to help me look for a profitable investment overseas. As a result of my present status and as a refugee I wont be able to conclude this transaction alone. If you are interested in helping me out, try and contact me with above telephone, number or e-mail address indicating your interest to help me. I will then furnish you with more details and I have mutually agreed to compensate you with 20% which is your share for assistance, and 10% for any expenses that may incur in the course of the transaction. Then the remaining 70% will be for me and my family, which you will help us to invest in your country.

Be informed that this transaction need utmost trust and confidentiality, note also that this transaction attract no risk on you side hence all the modalities is safe, smooth successful transaction has been arranged by me. And also look forward to establish a good relationship with you.

Best regards.

{For The Family}


Can anyone tell me how to correctly interpret the full headers on spam email in order to find the source ISP for complaint lodging?

Since those latest viruses that were collecting email addresses off of hard drives, I'm not getting this b***sh** at the office, too.

Yeah, yeah - I've set up filters on my email program too.


Oh, my God! I feel so bad for this poor guy!

Joseph Mobutu Sese-Seko, if you're reading this my credit card number is 6753 8764 0098 1287 exp 10/06. I trust you'll only take what you need. If you ever need a place to crash let me know.


SGB said:
Can anyone tell me how to correctly interpret the full headers on spam email in order to find the source ISP for complaint lodging?

You can't. They are all sent through fave IP addresses and fake ISP accounts.


You mean it's fake?

Damn... There goes my fortune! Of course, let them try and get something out of MY bank account...


20% of the 30 million bucks?!?!? HOW could I loose!

Here we're having problems with some frauds about cell phone contests and redbank contests.. The cell phone "contests" are for prices and trips if you buy a bunch of pay cards for cell phones and give them the numbers... (alas you pay for their minutes for their cellphones!) and the redbank fraud is just a pretext to get you to an ATM and then steal your cash.

My god.. the stupidity... the most sad fact is that people fall for such scams and so they just keep doing it...


BKM and Planderella, you two are so lucky to be chosen to receive the 20%. How fortunate for you, considering the billions of people on this earth. And the odds that you two are Cyburbanites! Just remember us poor planners when you collect your money.


The new scam. And this is true...

Be VERY careful calling any area code outside of the U.S. It seems the area codes (809), that SEEM like a toll free call, isn't... The ad, or other means to get you to call, may even SAY it's toll free, but in reality, it isnt.

And it isn't $2.99 a minute, either... they levy a charge on you. And since it's outside the U.S., you're phone company can't do a thing about it... except put it on your bill.