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The sticker shock of sprawl

el Guapo

Good article. On a similar vein, I saw a special once on the tube where a family sat down and looked at all the costs of maintaining two incomes and careers and decided with daycare, more frequent auto purchases, Sick day management, incompatible vacation scenarios, doctors appointments, upkeep on two professional wardrobes and the increased cost of eating out more frequently because they were too tired to cook they were actually better off and money ahead with one of the spouses staying home and tending to the kids. Surprise surprise it was the Dad that stayed home. He did a home office consultancy. They were far better off and the kids had much more attention.

As a family I think you have to run the numbers on a variety of scenarios. Not just the traditional two income latch key scenario. This article cover but a small section of coming to grips with a family plan.