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Whatever 🤷‍♀️ Things Millennials Are Moving Away From


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I'm just going to copy part of a list I got off a Buzzfeed/clickbait type thing and we can weigh in with commentary on whether or not we agree or disagree on certain items.

Here's what Millennials supposedly are not spending their consumer dollars on compared to previous generations:

1. Bars of soap
2. Hotels
3. Casual dining restaurants
4. Car ownership
5. Home ownership
6. McDonalds
7. Golf
8. Hotels
9. Cable subscriptions
10. Life insurance
11. Doorbells
12. Stiletto heels
13. Postcards
14. Lottery tickets
15. Land line telephones
16. Irons (for clothes wrinkles
17. Fabric softener
18. Mayonnaise
19. Napkins
20. Beef
21. Gym memberships
22. Cruises
23. Domestic brand macro-beers
24. Bulk groceries (Sams Club, Costco, etc)
25. Movie theaters
26. Wedding diamonds
27. Regular milk
28. Department stores


Beef??? That is not a world I would want to live in. Many of the others, I can see. However wedding Diamonds on the other hand is a weird one. I wonder if it is weddings a a whole.


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I think the diamond thing is younger folks are much more aware of the tremendous social and environmental costs for diamonds. Lab grown diamonds are the wave of the future.
Yeah, DeBeers saw the writing on the wall years ago and have been pioneers in its development.

For me, I find bars of soap odd. I mean it's waay more economical that that soft soap crap. A bar of soap lasts for several weeks and costs a fraction of what liquid soap costs

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For me, I find bars of soap odd. I mean it's waay more economical that that soft soap crap. A bar of soap lasts for several weeks and costs a fraction of what liquid soap costs

Maybe it's the memory of sharing the same bar of soap that Dad used to wash his hairy ass. I know that tended to push me in the direction of body wash :grimace:. And I'm no millennial.


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Maybe it's the memory of sharing the same bar of soap that Dad used to wash his hairy ass. I know that tended to push me in the direction of body wash :grimace:. And I'm no millennial.
Millennials shave everywhere now. So you don't have to worry about that.... right?


I think the diamond thing is younger folks are much more aware of the tremendous social and environmental costs for diamonds. Lab grown diamonds are the wave of the future.
I am ok with Lab grown diamonds... but lab grown meat is an absolute no-go for me. Beef... It's what's for Dinner.



Yeah, DeBeers saw the writing on the wall years ago and have been pioneers in its development.

For me, I find bars of soap odd. I mean it's waay more economical that that soft soap crap. A bar of soap lasts for several weeks and costs a fraction of what liquid soap costs
I guess I'm lazy but bar soap seems like so much more work than just pumping out a bit of soap from a dispenser. Plus bar soap tends to accumulate hair/filth which is sort of gross.


You have to factor in the additional cleaning of the sink (as well as the additional sink real estate) required as a result of going with bar soap over soft soap.

...and I'm just lazy and find it easier to pump soap from a dispenser.

Mayonnaise is interesting to me, I know I certainly have not gravitated away from it at all. I wonder if department stores and land lines will slowly make a little bit of a comeback as millennials get older.


As a millennial, here is my take:

1. Bars of soap - We buy bottled soap. Our bathroom doesn't even have shelf for bar soap
2. Hotels - I like hotels, but can't go because of COVID. That said, is the drop in hotels because of sites like AirBNB? I imagine younger people were earlier adopters, but I know plenty that are older that use AirBNB as well.
3. Casual dining restaurants - (Pre COVID) I tend to either go to more locally-owned casual dining restaurants, or will do date night at a nicer restaurant, but try to generally try and cook at home for most meals. That said, I am fine with different chains as well.
4. Car ownership - I have 4 cars
5. Home ownership - I have a home
6. McDonalds - I know plenty of people, young and old, that try to be snobs about McDonalds, but I enjoy it.
7. Golf - Never played
8. Hotels - see above
9. Cable subscriptions - We got rid of cable and just use internet + streaming sites. I don't think that's a age thing though, but just a reflection of how much the industry changed
10. Life insurance - work sponsored insurance
11. Doorbells - I have a doorbell that came with the house... do people pay for different ones?
12. Stiletto heels - nope
13. Postcards - nope
14. Lottery tickets - only if it's a crazy high number
15. Land line telephones - My parents ditched their when I was in high school, and I never needed it
16. Irons (for clothes wrinkles) - Yes
17. Fabric softener - nope
18. Mayonnaise - Depends on the food
19. Napkins - yes
20. Beef - I love steak

21. Gym memberships - nope
22. Cruises - I like cruises, but my wife doesn't.
23. Domestic brand macro-beers - I'll occasionally get Coors Banquet, but usually will do more craft beers or wine instead.
24. Bulk groceries (Sams Club, Costco, etc) - We have a Sam's Club membership; I imagine as our kid(s) get older, we'll do more bulk shopping
25. Movie theaters - Sometimes as a date night option
26. Wedding diamonds - My wife wanted a sapphire with diamonds around it
27. Regular milk - yes
28. Department stores - sure

WSU MUP Student

A lot of the items on Maister's list were probably never really popular among people who are 18-35 years old or so. While there are probably many "young" golfers or Costco shoppers or people eating at Applebees, I imagine a lot of these items are things that people sort of age into. Millennials might not be joining country clubs right now but in 10 or 15 years when they have more disposable income and time, I can see them joining up. Or if they don't have families today, they may be more likely to join Costco or Sam's Club once they've got a kid and a house in the 'burbs.

The Terminator

As the youngest active cyburbian, and a later millennial (born after the 80s) here is my take:

1. Bars of soap: Allot of us prefer artisinal soaps, Dr. Bronners or body wash, its because of the Axe Effect. Me, I personally large use bars of Italian glycerin soap, works as shampoo and floor cleaner too!
2. Hotels: AirBNB and CouchSurfing have been partly responsible for this. The only Hotel chain I have ever frequented with regularity is MOTEL 6, because of cost, proximity to highways I was travelling along and the fact that "they'll leave the light on for you". I especially prefer the Motel 6's that have not yet been renovated, although they are becoming a rarity. The one I stayed at in Madison Heights, MI felt like it hadn't been touched since 1996, Goldstar brand box TV, stucco paint and all. If hotel chains made an effort to style their rooms to resemble the types of rooms we stayed in as children, they would make a killing on the Nostalgia market. Millennials love that.
3. Casual dining restaurants: Because they serve terrible, unhealthy microwaved food and generally suck.
4. Car ownership: This is entirely based on geography. In Brooklyn, SF, Boston, places like that, millenials dont own cars. In rural areas or places like LA, they have cars. Me, Ive owned 9 cars over 13 years of driving, and I wish that number was higher because Ive yet to own some of my dream cars, like a 67-73 Dodge Dart, Mercedes W116, 77-79 Box Caprice etc. I am an extreme outlier among my generation because I have a hard-on for 70s-90s automobiles, aka the things that were driving around when I was a kid. most millenials think my taste in cars is passe and ask questions like "you dont have trouble finding someone to work on that" or "OMG, what do you mean you dont have air conditioning" or "that must be sooooo unsafe". Im trying to hold off on having a car made this century until 2030.
5. Home ownership WE WISH!!! this is pure economics at play. Our generation has less opportunity than our parents.
6. McDonalds: Everyone goes to Micky Dees, even if they don't admit it. As long as there exist drunk people, there will be a market for Micky Dees.
7. Golf Golf is terrible, Golf courses are a wasteful landuse that makes me mad, my Dad spends way too much time Golfing. I hope its actually declining among my generation. We prefer things like Crossfit, Yoga, MMA/JiuJitsu, Snowboarding, Rock Climbing etc. Golf is seen as passe.
8. Hotels: See above
9. Cable subscriptions: The Internet negates the need for this. Even MLB and NFL offer online paid streaming. I hope Cable dies out by 2030.
10. Life insurance: Allot of us have had trouble "launching" and thus dont have families and see a need for it. Why would I give someone the financial incentive to kill me?
11. Doorbells: See above re: homeownership. I personally am against the "internet of things' and if I ever own my North Buffalo dreamhome, it will have a bell, not some stupid App based e-bell.
12. Stiletto heels: Have you ever been to a rave? Or met a Sex Worker? Maybe not as common to see women wearing them just because, but there will always be a market.
13. Postcards: Social Media is to blame for this, I personally enjoy sending, recieving and collecting them still. Prices on them are dirt cheap now, like 5 for $2.
14. Lottery tickets: A voluntary tax on the poor that wastes peoples time in convience store/gas station lines. Its cool the revenue goes to Public Schools, but if we funded Public Schools properly instead of prisons and corporate welfare, we wouldnt need the revenue stream. As far as I know, all major cities still have illicit policy rackets operating, so that goal didn't even work.
15. Land line telephones: Gone the way of the dodo, although they are very very cheap these days, it almost makes having one "why not?" if you're into retro kitsch like me.
16. Irons (for clothes wrinkles): Thats because we are less formal than our parents, I literally only iron my clothes for job interviews.
17. Fabric softener: same as above, were less picky and also used to comfy slick modern styles and sweatshop clothes from brands like H&M and Uniqlo that dont need to be softened.
18. Mayonnaise: is Gross.
19. Napkins: Its the decline of paper products seen as "not sustainable" in general, but at the same time, I dont see napkins ever going away.
20. Beef: We tend to be vegetatrian and vegan at higher rates than previous generations, but I looooove a good steak and Montreal Smoked Meat, many millenials are into gastro-culture and BBQ, so I dont really agree with this one, its just the kinds of beef we buy are different, we tend to choose better cuts and avoid grade-D supermarket beef we grew up with.
21. Gym memberships: WHUUUUT? It seems like there are more crossfit gyms, yoga studios, boutique fitness places now more than ever (at least pre Pandemic). Before Covid, I had 2: a regular gym "salle de musculatuon" and a brazillian jiujitsu club.
22. Cruises: Are a joke and waste of time and money, why go on a cruise when you can actually experience a destination?
23. Domestic brand macro-beers: This is for sure, only the hipster ones like PBR and Miller HighLife will survive. Oh and Genny, because all of WNY drinks genny, no matter how old you are.
24. Bulk groceries (Sams Club, Costco, etc): Because we like to waste our money on craft everything, and these memberships are kinda expensive. Costco rules though.
25. Movie theaters: again, we can thank the Internet. I never go to a chain theatre unless there is a big movie I want to see, like Skyfall when it came out. Independant movie houses were doing well before the pandemic though, those are much more popular among millennials.
26. Wedding diamonds: Were just getting married less, plain and simple.
27. Regular milk: Because its gross and highly processed. I actually really like Oat Milk.
28. Department stores: Again, the Internet. Also because Dept Stores are sterile, generic places that are found in deadmalls, that sell things you can get significantly cheaper online, and also have overzealous loss prevention staff that like to follow younger people around because they typecast use as the shoplifting demographic, or at least those memories are still in our minds from when we were teens. I kinda miss them though. Yes the world is better off without sears and montgomery ward, but Amazon is much worse. If there were department stores that sold "sustainable" goods and made a big deal out of unionizing the staff, and had accompanying apps that worked well, than I think of millenials may be drawn back to them on the "ethical consumption" value.


Yeah, DeBeers saw the writing on the wall years ago and have been pioneers in its development.

For me, I find bars of soap odd. I mean it's way more economical that that soft soap crap. A bar of soap lasts for several weeks and costs a fraction of what liquid soap costs
Several weeks? I get a week, if that, and I'm not sasquatch.


This is American, and I'm British, and Britain is in lockdown and I haven't got much to do, so here's my 35-year-old (just scraping into "millennial") take.

1. Bars of soap: who uses these? Shower gel is about £1 and lasts for ages, and hand soap in a bottle works in these days of washing your hands every five minutes
2. Hotels: that's a very odd thing to stop using, you either need a hotel or you don't, where else are you going to sleep?
3. Casual dining restaurants: I don't even know what these are, but I love a good meal out
4. Car ownership: I couldn't be doing without my car, but if I lived closer to a city centre I might forego it - but even then I still like driving out to the countryside hiking, so probably not even then
5. Home ownership: Old folks own the houses, we rent them from them, they go on cruises, it's a generational problem
6. McDonalds: People are so snotty about this place. The food isn't cordon bleu, but the coffee is good and cheap, and it's welcoming to all
7. Golf: Waste of space, a "sport" perpetuated by men who pretend to like it because their boss pretends to like it because his boss pretends to like it... ad infinitum. Please, men, just admit to each other that you hate golf and we can build houses and parks on all the golf courses
8. Hotels: Again?
9. Cable subscriptions: I've never lived in a place where "cable" exists, but I've never subscribed to any Pay TV service, I pay my TV licence and that gives me more TV that I'll ever have time to watch
10. Life insurance: I've never even thought about it. They advertise it during afternoon TV quiz shows targeted at the over-80s, so I presume I don't have to think about it until then
11. Doorbells: I've got one but largely ignore it unless I'm expecting someone. I don't answer the door to random salesmen/religious preachers/political candidates etc
12. Stiletto heels: Can't stand them, I can barely walk in the things, you can tell they were dreamed up by a man. Comment above re. sex workers is really fucking weird, I know more than one and even they don't wear the godforsaken things unless some punter says he's desperate to see her in 'em
13. Postcards: I buy them, but not to send, I have a board in my living room/home office with all the cool places I've been
14. Lottery tickets: Never bought one
15. Land line telephones: I have one, but only because in this country you have to subscribe to landline service to get an internet connection, some anachronistic rule, I don't actually use it because my mobile is much clearer and cheaper
16. Irons (for clothes wrinkles: I bought one when I moved out on my own, about 15 years ago. It's still, as far as I know, in a cupboard unused, and I've moved house several times with it!
17. Fabric softener: Don't know what this is
18. Mayonnaise: You either love it or hate it, I love it
19. Napkins: I live on my own, I don't know why I'd own any of these
20. Beef: It's nice, but I've cut back on meat in general for climate and health reasons. Fake meat is starting to get more affordable, one of our supermarkets is selling plant-based "meat" cheaper than actual meat, and it's a reasonable substitute from time-to-time
21. Gym memberships: The countryside where I live is my gym! It's beautiful, full of fresh air and friendly faces, and free
22. Cruises: Only old people can afford these, and only then because we pay half our salary to them in rent every month
23. Domestic brand macro-beers: I don't drink
24. Bulk groceries (Sams Club, Costco, etc): I live on my own, I've never been to any of these places, much more likely to use local market stalls or veg shops where I can go and buy four carrots instead of 1kg of carrots that I'll throw away
25. Movie theaters: The smaller ones are nice, but the big ones where you can go and pay a week's wages for 3D glasses rental, a bag of popcorn and a packet of M&Ms and watch explosions for two hours, I can live without
26. Wedding diamonds: If someone gave me a diamond ring I'd be straight down the pawn shop, we're all broke
27. Regular milk: I like oat milk in my tea, but it costs three times as much as cow milk, so I mix and match
28. Department stores: I still use these, mostly for the makeup counters, they're the only place with MAC counters and Benefit brow bars locally, but Debenhams (which housed all these) went bust in lockdown so god knows where I'll get my cosmetics now!


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Here's what Millennials supposedly are not spending their consumer dollars on compared to previous generations:
My eldest is a millennial....

1. Bars of soap-buys fancy handmade bar soap, otherwise uses liquid
2. Hotels-still stays in hotels, generally for work travel
3. Casual dining restaurants-nope
4. Car ownership-car free
5. Home ownership-owns a home...I live in it though....and she lives in mine.
6. McDonalds-McNuggets
7. Golf-nope
8. Hotels-see #3
9. Cable subscriptions-only for internet service, otherwise streams
10. Life insurance-nope
11. Doorbells-her house has a doorbell
12. Stiletto heels-nope
13. Postcards-buys as souvenirs only
14. Lottery tickets-nope
15. Land line telephones-nope
16. Irons (for clothes wrinkles)-has an iron, not sure last time she used it though
17. Fabric softener-nope
18. Mayonnaise-essential condiment
19. Napkins-paper
20. Beef-yes
21. Gym memberships-nope
22. Cruises-loves loves loves a cruise
23. Domestic brand macro-beers-doesn't drink beer
24. Bulk groceries (Sams Club, Costco, etc)-for cleaning supplies and paper goods
25. Movie theaters-nope
26. Wedding diamonds-I am sure she'd like a diamond wedding ring if she ever gets engaged/married. She wears a small eternity band.
27. Regular milk-hates milk, always has
28. Department stores-in general but she likes Macy's Herald Square
...35-year-old (just scraping into "millennial") take.
If the word Xennial is to apply at all, it's here.



Young X here, but have some Millennial traits, so here's my take:

1. Bars of soap- yes, we still have bar soap, but nice stuff. Also lots of liquid Dr. B's
2. Hotels- as needed on the road, but usually Air BnBs for destination travel
3. Casual dining restaurants- If I'm going to spend $ on restaurant food I'll usually go local
4. Car ownership- still a neccessity, though we made it as a 1-car household until my son was 3
5. Home ownership- yes, but just barely- helped that we got married at 26
6. McDonalds- Haven't been in ages, wouldn't avoid necessarily though
7. Golf- nope. time and $ intensive, would rather go fo a bike ride
8. Hotels- again?
9. Cable subscriptions- nope. Internet and netflix/prime for us-
10. Life insurance- have had a policy in the past, may get again at some point.
11. Doorbells- have one on our house, I have resisted removing it
12. Stiletto heels- no opinion here- but in the Northeast we trend toward danskos anyway
13. Postcards- Well, I use Ink to send them, but...
14. Lottery tickets- one mega-millions ticket/year when the jackpot is really insane
15. Land line telephones- haven't had one in 20 years- might someday, love/hate relationship with my smartphone
16. Irons (for clothes wrinkles- have, use occasionally, but I don't tent to buy clothes that need dry-cleaning or ironing
17. Fabric softener- can's stand the scented stuff, do use liquid in some of our wash
18. Mayonnaise- on some things
19. Napkins- nah, we just buy paper towels and make do.
20. Beef- once/month or less at home
21. Gym memberships- nope
22. Cruises- nope
23. Domestic brand macro-beers - I don't drink anymore, but used to have a soft spot for Genny Cream
24. Bulk groceries (Sams Club, Costco, etc)- yes, absolutely, have had a stable "Costco List" for 15 years now
25. Movie theaters- nope
26. Wedding diamonds- bought my wife a "recycled" diamond engagement ring (originally cut in the 1930's) 17 years ago- she never wears it, we should get it re-set
27. Regular milk- yes, 2 gallons/week, mostly my son
28. Department stores- nope


Gen X'er here that's going to weigh in on these before telling you to get off my lawn:

1. Bars of soap: "We'll only buy these if we can pay five times as much for some vegan branded soap you've never heard of."
2. Hotels: Get a job that requires travel and you'll get over any issues you have with hotels.
3. Casual dining restaurants: As opposed to fine dining restaurants? Millennials and their ilk probably eat at these a lot more than they'd like to admit.
4. Car ownership: Just wait until you have kids.
5. Home ownership: Just wait until you have kids.
6. McDonalds: Just wait until you have kids.
7. Golf: I like golf. Some kids don't. Just wait until you have kids, though - it's good escapism.
8. Hotels: Again? Seriously?
9. Cable subscriptions: This one I sort of get with all of the available streaming platforms these days.
10. Life insurance: What, you don't have a job? It's a standard benefit.
11. Doorbells: Huh? Apartments generally don't have doorbells, but if you have a doorbell and replace it with something like a Ring, it's still a doorbell.
12. Stiletto heels: No clue on this, but what you do in your own time is your business.
13. Postcards: Okay boomer
14. Lottery tickets: This is a whole issue in and of itself that has nothing to do with one's generation.
15. Land line telephones: A dying breed.
16. Irons (for clothes wrinkles): These are a bad thing because...?
17. Fabric softener: This is a bad thing because...?
18. Mayonnaise: To each their own - again, not a generational thing.
19. Napkins: What, you wipe your mouth with the back of your hand or something?
20. Beef: Humans by design are carnivores. Get over it.
21. Gym memberships: See #15
22. Cruises: See #18
23. Domestic brand macro-beers: They have their place - have an "ironic" PBR and get over it.
24. Bulk groceries: (Sams Club, Costco, etc): See Nos. 4 though 6.
25. Movie theaters: Find one showing The Hunt for Red October in 70 mm and get back to me.
26. Wedding diamonds: I can see this one.
27. Regular milk: AKA milk? That stuff that's squeezed out of almonds or oats...yeah - that ain't milk.
28. Department stores: More of a result of the rise of online retailers than any sort of generational shunning.

Now get off my lawn.
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