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Things to do in Toronto?

Cityscape Dreamer

My husband will be in Toronto Wednesday thru Friday on business, and this time me and the kids are going to tag along.
Actually, it is Oakville.

Any suggestions for us to do/see during the day while he is at the plant? does the Toronto subway extend out to Oakville? the kids ages are 1, 5, 10 and 12. What would be good to see downtown?

Thanks for any suggestions.:)


Our local toronto person is out, but from a displaced one here are my suggestions

1) The subway does not extend to oakville, but I am pretty sure that teh GO bus does, if not Mississauga transit may and you could system hop into the city. Once in TO get to a subway station and buy a day pass, i think it is only $7, that is for you and your kids. This way you can get on and off the system as many times as you like.

Places to See

1) Harbourfront - a large park with playgrounds and shopping (free) - take teh spadina streetcar
2) Ontario Place - a toned down theme park that has some ducational value. A mix of free and not so free things
3) Canadian National exhibition is on right now. A giant amusement park and somewaht smaller fair on the waterfront. lots of displays.
4) Riverdale Zoo / Farm. A farm in the heart of Cabbagetown.
5) Museum - get off the subway at the museum stop and you are right there.
6) Art Gallery of Ontario, no idea what is showing.
7) Eatons Centre - shopping
8) Hockey hall of fame, near union station on the TTC

There is tons more to do, but it might not appeal to kids. Have fun and spend money.


maudit anglais
D'oh, sorry I wasn't around earlier in the week to give you some pointers.

Hope you enjoyed your trip!