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Thresholds for park and trail review


We are trying to develop thresholds to determine what type of review process new parks and trails need to be subjected to ie. administrative, planning board etc. Examples of this type of development are new playgrounds, skate parks, off leash dog parks, paved/unpaved walking trails, sports fields and also the the reconfiguration or renovation of existing facilities (tearing down the tennis courts and rebuilding new ones differently) Anyone have any experience with establishing thresholds for this type of site plan review? We don't want to tie the hands of the park and rec department but we need to review development to ensure that it meets standards other development must meet. We must also make sure that neighborhood notification and public participation are addressed. Types of possible thresholds include size, impervious area, distance to a residential structure etc. Sorry for the long thread. If anyone can point me towards an ordinance that includes this type of language it would be greatly appreciated.


You might want to contact someone at ALTA Transportation Consultants. They deal with mostly bikes and trails but they have some varied experience. I believe they are in Portland or San Francisco, I can't remember.