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Top Ten Planning Issues Of 2003


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From Chavan and Steins at http://www.planetizen.com/oped/item.php?id=117:

"...we have selected the most important issues from 2003, along with links to some of the more popular or influential stories on each topic."

Wal-Mart's Impact
Evolution of America's Malls
Sprawl and Health
Congestion Charging
Changes to Environmental Laws
Nation's New Hot Spots
Cities Try To Attract Talent
Oil And The City
Rethinking Zoning
Transit Oriented Development​

I don't know if I agree with the complete list. Obviosuly it's influenced by the content of the linked articles featured over the past year on Planetizen. Also, it does seem to have a California bias, which I'm sure is related to the fact that they are based out of California. TOD?! C'mon! Is it really gripping the planning world by storm outside of the west coast region?! What about declining municipal funds and budget cuts? I would say that increasing debts and layoffs from planning departments is a major issue facing the planning profession. But that's my opinion. What are some of the hot planning issues of 2003 that you had to deal with?


More than the evolution of America's Malls, let's be broader and say an evolution in the American commerical marketplace. Old formats are being tossed for new, hip formats. Old strip centers, that were never designed for a long life, are becoming new american ruins. The real "mall" issue is how to plan and deal with all of america's soon-to-be abandoned commerical areas.

Also, shrinking budgets and staff is huge.