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Job listing Town Planner - Swansboro, NC (on the coast)

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SWANSBORO – The Friendly City by the Sea seeks applicants interested in serving as Town Planner for its historic waterfront community of 3000. The general statement of duties include administrative and technical planning duties in directing the activities of the Town's planning, code enforcement, and certain inspections functions. Distinguishing Features; An employee in this class is responsible for the guided development of the community as well as coordinating with others the building permitting and inspections, and zoning code and other regulatory compliance, and other related programs for the Town. Work involves providing guidance for the orderly long-range growth and current development of the Town and enforcement of zoning and related codes, and includes representing the Town in intergovernmental activities such as working with infrastructure, environmental, and land use issues with other governmental officials. Work involves extensive public contact explaining potential and allowable land uses, and requires coordination with other departments, boards, commissions, and the public. Extensive judgment and initiative are required in conducting research projects, compiling reports and making presentations, and making recommendations for various programs and functions of the Town. Knowledge and skill in process design and facilitation to obtain citizen and developer input and develop consensus among conflicted parties is required. Considerable tact and courtesy must be exercised in the public contact functions. Work is performed under general administrative direction of the Town Manager and is evaluated through conferences, review of work, and overall acceptance of the programs by the Town's citizens. The FLSA Status: Exempt. Interested parties should review the full job description on the Town website at www.swansboro-nc.org and submit a resume and town application to: Paula Webb/Assistant Manager-Town Clerk 601 W. Corbett Avenue Swansboro NC 28584.

I have really enjoyed working for Swansboro and highly recommend this job opportunity.

Andrea Correll, AICP
Town Planner
Town of Swansboro
601 W. Corbett Ave
Swansboro, NC 28584
910.326.4428 office
910.690.7034 cell
910.326.3101 fax
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