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Traffic, Parking and Libraries


Does anyone have any info on traffic generated by and parking recommended for a small community library? THis is a new facility in a town of 3700 and a surrounding area of 14,000.



maudit anglais
The following is from the ITE Trip Generation Manual (6th Edition). I've just applied the "average rates" used in the manual. There are some calculations you can do to get a little more detail, but at the end of the day it's all just a guesstimate anyway.

Library (Land Use Code 590)

Trip Generation per 1000sq. ft. Gross Floor Area.

Average Weekday: 54
Average Saturday: 46.55
Average Saturday Peak Hour: 6.75
Average Sunday: 25.49
Average Sunday Peak Hour: 5.14
Average AM Peak Hour (of adjacent street traffic): 1.06
Average PM Peak Hour (of adjacent street traffic): 7.09
Average AM Peak Hour (of generator (site)): 4.32
Average PM Peak Hour (of generator (site)): 7.02

So...if your library is say 5000sq ft. it would generate 54x5 trips on a Saturday, and so on...

I couldn't find anything on parking. The downtown rate for Toronto is 1 space per 175 square metres. I space for every 10 occupants might be a good rule of thumb rate.