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trailer parks

mike gurnee

OK. Everybody has an area of town that is so non-conforming as to be off the board. For us, it is trailer parks from the 60s and 70s. Going through commission minutes, I find that when each was approved, the applicants invariable stated that they would be well maintained and be a much needed asset to the community--makes for good training of new commissioners.

Well, now they have absentee managers. The occupants have added on rooms and who knows what else without permissions. Now that we stop construction without a permit, we are now getting many requests for carports and garages (recent hail storm). I have looked for up-to-date codes outside of zoning to deal with existing MH parks. Can't find any that mention carports. Anybody out there had a similar issue? We are working on a property maintenance code, but that will only help clean up the mess, not address whether or how a carport should be sited.

Richmond Jake

You can't fight in here. This is the War Room!
When the special forces return from Afganistan, send them in....seriously, this type of use provide affordable housing to those in need. Before taking any form of action, make sure you have the support of the politicians...and good luck!