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Trailers that are really just billboards

el Guapo

I'm not in current planning now, but I wonder how communities deal with the practice of firms that place 18-wheeler trailers next to a road in a manner in which they are obviously intended to skirt sign regluations and act as a billboard?

How do you combat this practice?

Sorry if this has been asked before.


Dear Leader
Staff member
Quick fix - see if the trailer has current registration. If not, it may be considered an inoperable vehicle, and probably subject to junk vehicle laws that you may have..

Also, you could nab the property owner for some zoning violation not related to signage, such as long term storage of vehicles or operating a truck terminal in an inappropriate area.

In the long run -- sorry, but I have to use some words that are offensive to Republicans -- regulate, regulate, regulate! From the code I wrote:

411.5 Prohibited signs
Signs placed on vehicles and trailers which are parked and used primarily as a sign.
Large objects such as cars, boats, engine blocks, home appliances, heavy equipment, industrial machinery, aircraft, truck trailers and similar objects used as or included in freestanding or attached signs.

Richmond Jake

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What a coincidence. I took a sign ordinance revision to our Board of Commissioners today and the very question was asked of me. I pointed to our performance standards that specified a sign is "a structure that is securely and permanently affixed to the ground." Or some such jargon. But hey, they bought it. That's an illegal sign dude.