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Trails funding

Zoning Goddess

Our office is looking into forming a non-profit as a secondary fundraising entity to provide "extras" on our county's trails system. I've found some sketchy info on such a group in Pinellas Co, FL, and I plan to contact them.
Any planners out there who have developed/worked with/heard of any others? I would like to take a good list of pros/cons/examples back to my team.


The LAB...League of American Bicyclist.

In Philly we have the Bicycle Coalition of Philadelphia.

Here in PA the DOT actually works with all the grassroots bike organizations to help with preparing applications for FHWA grants that come around. Your state DOT should have a bike/ped coordinator that could help you.

Isn't that Dan Burden guy and his buddy from Florida? They'd probably be a big help if you could get in touch with them.

There is also probably a contact person somewhere in FL for the East Coast Greenway. The ECG people I work with in this area are very resourceful and knowledgable about funding sources.