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Transit-oriented and neotraditional development impact on transportation

Tom Marney

I am currently working on a project researching the feasibility of TODs in Florida for the DOT. I'm doing a lit review of the subject matter and any references would help.

The focus should be 1) the effect TOD's and Neotraditional Developments (NTDs) have on travel characteristics (of any mode) and 2) design aspects of NTDs as related to transit.

Thanks for your help.

Mark Lippert
Florida State University
Transit-Oriented Developments and NeoTrad Dev'ts

Here are several sources: Davis, J, and S. Seskin. 1997. Impacts of Urban Form on Travel Behavior. The Urban Lawyer vol. 29, no. 2, pp. 215-232; Cervero, R. 1994. Transit-Supportive Development in the United States: Experiences and Prospects. University of California-Berkeley; Bernick, M and Robert Cervero. 1997. Transit Villages in the 21st Century. McGraw-Hill.; Calthorpe, P. 199?. The Next American Metropolis; (Calthorpe has also produced Transit-Oriented Development Guidelines for Sacramento County and San Diego); Morris, M. 1996. Creating Transit-Supportive Land-Use Regulations. PAS Report 468. Chicago: American Planning Association.; see any number of pieces published about Oregon's LUTRAQ project sponsored by 1000 Friends of Oregon. This is perhaps the most extensive study to quantify the relationship between the built environment, neotrad design issues, and mode choice.; The Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE) has produced a guidebook that I think is called Traffic Engineering for Neotraditional Neighborhood Design.; finally, the Congress for the New Urbanism publishes a newsletter entitled New Urban News. This is just a sample of the information that is out there on this topic. Good luck.